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Friday, February 25th, 2011

Wow! Updating my WordPress today I recognised it is over a half year now since I blogged last…

Well this was for sure forced by feeling tired about what to write about on an ongoing basis, but also be feeling busy and submerged by work all time. This hasn’t leveled by now and in a difference I’m even more busy than before. But especially this week the sunny side of the medal of my actual work background was shining very much.

Sticking in projects and leading them my day is now all about dealing with people and as for they are international project I have now personal co-workers and fellows all over the world (ok, mainly speaking EMEA though).

This week now I was catching up with two guys, I last year met as strangers, for work issues, but now count as friends and seeing them again was more about fun than work. YUPP! This is what I personally like about networking and collaboration…. the people behind numbers, project targets and aims.

And … in only a few month I will see you guys again. You – my friends – have a save trip home in between!

prove of life

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I’m aware I haven’t done much here recently, but to be honest there were other things taking my interest away. On the other hand I was busy as well with work and besides Turkey, which I have written last about, work did even bring me over to South Africa recently.

To be honest … something I would never have thought about myself to be possible to happen.

Now I have to say that I very much liked this trip and even it was for work only and rather rather busy, it had some touch of heading off and flying out there to somewhere fancy and starting to discover new things there. Luckily, I was even able to make some friends there and therefore eitherway, for work or for leisure, I’m expecting myself to head there again someday.

In general my actual work (project management) is very interesting at all and as for the project does include overall EMEA, I’m looking forward seeing Russia and Poland soon. People around are even start kidding asking me whether or not I’m doing this all for pleasure saving money, I would usually spend for vacation instead.

Now I for sure confirm it is working only! And everyone saying or thinking something different is …. simply a liar! 

I just not hesitate to confess, that it has some attraction as well. It’s just sad I can’t share more about my trips though.
At least I will update you with my impressions about the new countries I’m going to see soon.

Besides that conditions over here are actual lovely and sunny and besides the usual work getting things around the house in shape again, the time over the weekend was short doing a few fun rides with Suzi again. Yeaaaaaaaah!

Ensuring Deadlines

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I’m aware that especially we Germans are nerds when it comes to ensuring deadlines and finishing work we’ve started. But for me a given promise to a customer HAS to be ensured,

Under normal conditions it is no question for me that I will do everything to finish my task in time and more than once Suzi remained in the Garage even when there were splendid conditions outside. Now last weekend I really couldn’t resist enjoying the spring and sun outsides even knowing I have stuff to do with a deadline today.

So all got a bit rough …. But! We’ve (yes .. we, as for I had gorgeous help) finished all in time and now it will be a pleasure to present it to the customer during a meeting scheduled for this afternoon.

That is exaclty how I like it! Thanks Mate! 😉

Little Surprises

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Often it does not need much …. and as more unexpected it is, the more fun and joy it will bring.

On Monday an oversea friend of mine had her birthday. Now even living a few thousand kilometer away I think about them as good and close friends. So for sure postal services had to do some work (nothing special, just that bit of attention making the difference) lately.

Nontheless I had the idea to give her a call and so basic math dealing with time delays did start. When can you call someone at earliest on a normal working monday? Will there be a public holiday you could disturb on?

Anyway, in case there is a will some clever mind will make it through all and using a phone really isn’t a challenge at all … at least for most of us.

To dial the number was easy and then the tension reached the maximum …. to eases immediately when the exactly right person did take the call! No need to say we had a quick and nice chat then.

Just a few valuable and rare minutes though. Day had already started there… But ended with the given promise to do soon again…

It is so much of a difference to hear and speak with someone, even when you frequently stay in contact by email or chat.

But thats not the major aspect of all. At same stage it might not even possible to talk for some reason e.q. the missing ability to speak a language for example.

Often just small things make a big difference. This one second expiring the “unexpected” does make the difference. One day I still remember very well, I opened the letters shipped two weeks ago and nearly about 14000Km away. Something small for sure, but intended to honor friendship …. until today I keep it like a treasure. At least for me it is ONE!

So called experts!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

I do not try to hide that I mostly try to work together with other experts. Working with someone on a similar skill level has somewhat relieving. And finally when you have taken the first two or three challenges together, working with them often turns out into some pleasure.

All the info and little hints you need and require for a successful and winning work and result are there! Given instantly without the need to ask  and communication in general is reducing to a necessary minimum.

My personal indicator for reaching such a level is the moment when you start to carry on second more personal conversation besides. Over all stress work is coming with, the easy chatting besides helps to deal with stress and timelines … at least for me it does!

Now since a while the audience you met when overtaking new projects has changed dramatically. Folks you know from earlier and value for their thoughtful cooperation once, today are often lost within specialities or suffering like you under a big workload not being able to help anymore.

So there more and more a new generation is coming to act. New "green" folks and so called Application Owner mostly not having any background about the underlaying system and techniques and often only being trained within their application, it’s business requirement and the general dealing and working with it

As a result out of that I often get a requests in a way … Can you do that and that for me please? Best at night when I’m at home!

Grrrr … I really hate these mindless emails! What do they think? … Nothing I guess?!

But the more I hate that their emails mostly even miss all necessary details like server, account and login details and so on.
Or best! Sometimes and even better appear like a new written bible containing 20 or so forwarded email by people which does not really more have to say …. forcing to to read through all just to figure out about you still NEED to know.

Oh damned! Give my back my loved professionals I really enjoy working with please! 😐