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Waking up Suzi

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

People knowing me are aware about at this time of the year I get nervous. Not for any bad reason of course. Instead it is more the fever of being able to ride my bike again soon.

Ok, since last year I do own two bikes now, but everyone will certainly understand that I’m actually speaking about the real bike for sure. Apr, 1st and the seaon does open for me and as for weather forcast isn’t bad for next week, it was of course a real "must" for me going out and awake Suzi.

Having slept now for 5 month it is always a bit of work getting her alive again. But once again in days I recognized how good it is to know people or things and their little peculiarities.

So knowing abou Suzi does like a slow and smooth start for sure, I went out and did take her out of the garage for fitting in the battery first. The battery was charged all time by a perment battery loader and therefore it was nothing I had to worry about.

Fitting the battery in was done in minutes and being aware about it is a good thingy, I did put the tank valve in "pre" position then strolling for the car and the wires to give Suzi a jump start though.

Even charged the little bike battery did the one or other time not last until Suzi had decided to start the engine again after the winter break and so it got more or less a well known procedure connecting her with the car for the very first start of the engine again.

Having all connected, I decided to wait another half hour or so to give the carburettors (Is this the correct word? I’ve looked it up) a chance to get flooded with fuel. Then finally coming back from a relaxed cup of coffee it needed me 3 or 4 tries and the engine did run.            (comment: Guess neighbors were also happy about!)

And in about two days – given the weather is fine – Suzi and me will be out for the very first ride of this year! Thats tops!



Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Lately I did hear and read a lot about snow. There was Yellowsn0w as also Redsn0w and digging into new stuff I was keen to get and understand all info about. At the end I didn’t need it and nearly feel sorry about I didn’t.

It would have been another challenge and sometimes I really looking for them.

Now since yesterday there is another snow in every mouth … White snow that is!
Yeah, Yeah, I get it and I can tell you that it really doesn’t need to get excited about. It is not what you might think about it now.

In a difference to that I’m speaking about this odd, cold and wet stuff outside. And the bad news about it forcast even  promised us more of it today.

Did I already mention that I now fed up with that winter conditions here? I NEED SUN! instead.

Really I’m suffering for Sun and nice conditions and having the possibility back doing more stuff outside. 🙁
And even the knowledge about I will have again two summer this year does not really help actually anymore.

ps: I’ve updated to WordPress 2.7.1 yesterday first time using automatic update and … it worked!

various things

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Today I’ve worked most of the day outside the house cleaning and tidying up a bit. Not that that would be some favorite work of me! But today I didn’t mind as for it was a mild and sunny day and after all those weeks of ugly and cold conditions, sun and fresh air outside immediately lifted my mood. You really can feel that your body and brain are suffering for that bit of a change and I reallydo hope winter will be over soon.

During this last week I also had to deal with some nasty Trojan and Spyware on my main Windows Workstation. For years now I had no trouble with that anymore and being on MAC since a while I nearly had forgotten about such things exists first. But related to my researches looking for tools for to use dumping my SMS messages from my old mobile phone I had touched the one or other questionable site and surely one of them did honor this with infecting my workstation with Virtumonde (e.q. Virtumondo, Vundo or MS Juan).

Boy I tell you that is really nasty stuff! First I’ve tried it with the ususal Antispyware tools and Virus Scanner like F-Secure, Avast, Avird, Spybot and Ad-Aware, but even they reported it … None of them was able to remove it finally!!

It is a real shame that all of this products failed and even the knowledge about is is some really clever coded Malware can not balance that. I’m glad about I’m not really depending on this system and so I had the chance to "play" with this situation for a few days running the one or other search and tool over the system … without success! But when I was nearly about to incline and give up going to reinstall the system from scratch, by coincidence I found the info about some really great and free spyware removal tool. It is called Combofix and can get downloaded from that side here:

I used it in German version and I’m not really aware about there is an English equivalent available, but impressively it did the job within minutes while all others scanned and failed for ages. Whoever this might read desperately looking for help removing Vundo … Feel free to contact me in case you should have trouble with the German dialog. I will not mind speaking you through it. It is worth it for sure!

Getting this fixed again my mood already started to lift, but finally the info about some free and ready to use Navigation System (GPS) for the iPhone available through Cydia (, which I immediately did install and test successfully, made the difference and the weekend could start! 😉

Sure, this xGPS is no real replacement for normal GPS, but given the case you are on the road with a rented car or desperately in need to get your direction, I’m sure about you will feel happy about having such a "light" version GPS at hand. Guess it will be hand on the motorbike as well putting the iPhone on top of the fuel tank in front of you.

Thinking about, I guess that were all of the actual news to share …. except the rather good news about: My fishes out in the pond did survive! Yeah!!! Thats Tops 😉


fish sticks?!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

You are much into fish sticks? Your chance might be there soon ….. when the frost outside here has gone …..

Actually I’m a bit worrying about I could loose all my crew members out in the pond again. Back in 1997 when we moved in into our house I used a few days during summer to dig a big hole outside in the backyard. Ok, it never was intened as just a big hole only and since years it has become a nice and neat biotope for a lot of animals and fishes living and breading there. And to be honest last year I started myself thinking about it now would be time to get rid of some fish. As it looks they seems to bread endles, by reproducing them quicker as I’m able keep pace with counting them. Just honestly!! I had another "get rid off" in mind …

Now with temperatures being stable down below 0°C since nearly two weeks, the pond is frozen and covered by solid ice since days. Unfortunately there is not much to do for me …. you just can’t heat all the outside at the end. And I really start to worry about I could end up similar like a few years ago. During a similar strong winter the pond was solid frozen for over three weeks and later on …. all life had gone (at least in the pool).

Sure I’m innocent! An innocent victim of weather conditions. You’re with me? I can hardly be responsible for weather, winter and frost this year! Can I?
But thinking back remembering friends making me up for moth and badly calling me a fish murderer again and again …. Does really make me feeling scared now! Gulp …. Big Gulp!! 😐

First working week is over

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

The first working week in a new year is always something special. Usually you had a few days off and therefore you lost a bit of your rhythm and starting now again it does for sure need one or two days to get back into it again.

For me and my feeling the first week of this year was rather short but pleasant. Winter has reached us and with outside temperatures outside more than unpleasant, I did spent a lot of time inside playing with stuff I’m interested in.

Feeling fascinated by my new toy I could have anyway not stop making effort learning about playing with it until I would have accomplished my self defined mission.  But now having "done", I nearly feel a bit sad about it didn’t need more effort to succeed.

Besides that all also a few things lasting from last year, which had really kept me busy thinking about, finally did take an interesting and unexpected direction … to the better! … as I think and therefore I really can’t complain at all.

It was a short, but interesting and pleasant first week this year for sure for me.

The week has passed and I’m a few days older now. But who cares? This year I’m anyway looking forward in time passing quickly. Knowing about at the end of the year I hopefully will be able to head off again into a long and overdue trip, I nearly can’t await months passing quick. But about this trip I will tell you in another post later this year. 😉