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Friday, June 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some guy asking for me doing him a website. Now from principle this is fine and what I like. Especially when they come from alone or being referred by some other client of me as it happend this time.

So I gave him a quick ring with the idea to learn more about his needs and wishes.

Only in this chat it turns out the he has first: no real idea about he needs and second: very strange ideas about how much this would be going to cost him. Now I’ve told him that my work has it’s price and in case he would like me to work for him, he unfortunately would need me to pay by my … and not his … rates.

Having said that, I didn’t really expect him to come back to me again. Curiously a week later he contacted me again and we agreed about to meet in person. Now what shall I say? My feeling about him and his abstruse idea seemed to be true and I again did not give it a real thought it could work out nor end in a real deal.

Surprise, Surprise … A few days later he called me telling me about some example page on the net he had found as a design basis for his new pages. I want it like that …. just in blue that is.

Gulp! Ok, anyway I thought … He has now show more than once that he has serious interest I’ve thought and did send him my quote base on that page and content he had referred me to.

And … Surprise again, he called me telling me he would be fine with all and i could start immediately with developping his site.

Now I’m heavily busy creating his pages "similar" but "blue" since a week and still feel amazed about how people do act sometimes and make their decissions sometimes. Now knowing him better, I even found out about that re really had just no idea about …..

“Ask The German”

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Recently I was talking and kidding with some friends and suddenly a new idea was born. Together we decided to make effort creating some knowledge blog in which we commited us to blog little knowledge snip sets from time to time.

Speaking about and doing it was one thing and since a few weeks we are collection knowledge there. Unfortunately it looks like one of the three does not really have the motivation and passion of the others. But even with the just two of us it makes fun though.

But now with a few articles online I thought about to unveil it here as Ask The German with the idea to hopefully get some feedback about. Learning how others think about this idea as good or not.

ps: Feel free to comment either here … or there!


Monday, May 19th, 2008

I have to confess that I’m somewhat addicted to statistics.

Nah! Not that boring stuff telling you about women usually live longer then men or well prepared speadsheets telling you about the 10 biggest export nations worldwide.

Right at the moment I’m speaking about website statistics. About visitors, returning visitor, used searchstrings and page hit counts and so on. Really! It is very interesting what statistics can tell you about your visitors and their behaviors and interests.

Unfortunately I have never found one tool giving me all the information I’d like to have and so I’m working with a couple of them comparing and mixing their information to get a final impression about all.

So for example I know when friends check my pages. But I also have identified a few people returning again and again from place I can’t really fit to a person I know.

What about you from Nuerenberg? Or you  from  Los Angeles, from Newfoundland or the one from Victoria (OZ)?! Are you shy? Why doesn’t you leave a comment or just send me an email to let me know about you?

I’m always happy to meet new folks (and I don’t bite!!) 😉


Monday, April 7th, 2008

Captcha Solutions are a pretty good thing! Especially when you want to protects websites against bots and therefore yourself against Spam!! Someone should just use them …. 😐

Since ages I had it planned to make effort using some captcha solution for integrating them into the contact pages of all my websites. Just planning and doing it finally are often two different things!

Just now, as for the reason when I lately helped a friend by moving a website for her, I got aware about a build in captcha solution (how clever!) within the used application framework (CMS) for this site. That is a cool thing to have I thought, by seeing it and knowing the one I like to use doesn’t contain one.

Over the weekend now and forced by receiving plenty of Spam again, I finally decided to make effort getting my own solution for it. And as not really expected different, I found some easy to integrated and nearly ready to use solution for my own pages. Equal again? We will see … 😉

Because now first we will have see how good it will work and whether or not I will now get less Spam!


Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Search for some basic website monitoring I one found an easy to use solution called WebSecretary. It is fairly easy to install and does a really reliable job at all. I do call it in a cron job and monitor several own and customer pages with it. What I really like is that it sends me an email if the pages has changed, highlighting the differences by comparing it’s stored copy from the day before.

Today I found a customer page, I had made once, reported as changed and in fact it was totally messed up by the customer itself had tried to update it himself. Mainly surprised to hear from me, he told me about his bad luck changing the pages, when I called him this morning with the intention to tell him about the overall ugly actual appearance of his pages.

With the automatic info stored from the day before, I was able to repair his frontpage in seconds and now he even pleased me to come over discussing a redesign of his pages with him.

I really like my little helpers … yeah I do!