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prove of life

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I’m aware I haven’t done much here recently, but to be honest there were other things taking my interest away. On the other hand I was busy as well with work and besides Turkey, which I have written last about, work did even bring me over to South Africa recently.

To be honest … something I would never have thought about myself to be possible to happen.

Now I have to say that I very much liked this trip and even it was for work only and rather rather busy, it had some touch of heading off and flying out there to somewhere fancy and starting to discover new things there. Luckily, I was even able to make some friends there and therefore eitherway, for work or for leisure, I’m expecting myself to head there again someday.

In general my actual work (project management) is very interesting at all and as for the project does include overall EMEA, I’m looking forward seeing Russia and Poland soon. People around are even start kidding asking me whether or not I’m doing this all for pleasure saving money, I would usually spend for vacation instead.

Now I for sure confirm it is working only! And everyone saying or thinking something different is …. simply a liar! 

I just not hesitate to confess, that it has some attraction as well. It’s just sad I can’t share more about my trips though.
At least I will update you with my impressions about the new countries I’m going to see soon.

Besides that conditions over here are actual lovely and sunny and besides the usual work getting things around the house in shape again, the time over the weekend was short doing a few fun rides with Suzi again. Yeaaaaaaaah!


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As a result of actually being involved into a european consolidation project I had to travel to Turkey last week.

Last time I was there was back in 1992 and for a duration of 3 weeks. Doing a roundtrip there I had the chance to get quit a good impression about the country itself and the people living there.  What I’ve found there back in 1992 was a very interesting country and a lot of rather friendly people living there. Nontheless many things were different and a lot of them remained strange to me though.

Now this time I’ve headed to Istanbul only and therefore I’m for sure not able to give you an overall feedback of todays situation there. But once again I met very very friendly people there and enjoy my short and sweet diving in there very much.

The general appearance is still the same, but people appeared much more "western" alike today to me. Since years the Turkey is keen and willing to join the EU and the majority of people there really seems to be willing and happy to do.

I had quit a few really enjoyable conversations besides work, even scratching this and a few others similar topics and really enjoyed the ideas and argument I got to hear. Sure, I’ve mostly dealed with people my age and also mainly with folks working in my area of expertise or generally within the IT business. But for my feeling really the general background has changed there.

And therefore thinking about their wish to join the EU I have to say .. why not?

Sure there might be still things not fitting in very well or other things (in our eyes) which still needs to get improved! But I rather like to deal and talk with friendly people again and again, trying to improve or adjust things, than to bounce and maybe turn them grumpy instead.


Easy Going?

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Today I have the feeling to walk through an overall easy day. After a few days of hectic and stress things seems to ease and calm all today.

A customer "from hell" who dragged me now for years is nearly finally handed over to someone else and all the phone calls we actually have about his migration are very relaxed and easy. They are filled up with terms like great, glad you can help, thanks god you remember … We even started again joking with each other while talking …. And in just a few weeks it will be done and past.
Not sure I really will feel sad then though. 😉

As an update for those who aren’t aware. Germany has won the soccer game against Turkey and will now fight for the European Soccer Championship versus Spain on Sunday. I followed both semi- final games and have to confess that the Spanish Guys did a more as excellent job beating down the Russian Team 3:0 yesterday.

I’m sure it will need them all all to give for our boy on sunday and I’m very much pressing thumbs for them to win.

But looking back I’m aware it was another news, highly await by me, reaching me yesterday by sms and finally making me seeing this week as easy, special, happy and overall positive at all.

Ok then! Guess it’s now time for me to think about an early weekend, starting to prepare myself cheering for our boy on sunday evening, for them going for the CUP and bringing it home!! 🙂

Germany versus Turkey

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I guess everyone here in Germany is holding his or her breath today awaiting to this very special football match Germany versus Turkey to start this evening. It will be special in many ways and although we Germans are sure about it will end, many of us are nervous and I just can hope that it will stay calm and pleasant everywhere.

I’m not really much into football myself, but I will for sure follow the game as for it will be an appreciated distraction from a lot of stress I have actually. It’s so much going on actually that I really can cope with a break clearing mind for a few hours.

There is a bigger and critical move of a whole application landscape I’m actually working on. Some customer in the USA permanently coming over with issues and questions and on top some contact in Asia I have shouted for a helping hand yesterday. And that are just the work issues I’m actually deal with ….. 

Coming to the end, I wish everyone interested an exciting, but fair match this evening …. and a very close friend of mine all luck on earth for a very special day working out tomorrow!!!!