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Friday, February 25th, 2011

Wow! Updating my WordPress today I recognised it is over a half year now since I blogged last…

Well this was for sure forced by feeling tired about what to write about on an ongoing basis, but also be feeling busy and submerged by work all time. This hasn’t leveled by now and in a difference I’m even more busy than before. But especially this week the sunny side of the medal of my actual work background was shining very much.

Sticking in projects and leading them my day is now all about dealing with people and as for they are international project I have now personal co-workers and fellows all over the world (ok, mainly speaking EMEA though).

This week now I was catching up with two guys, I last year met as strangers, for work issues, but now count as friends and seeing them again was more about fun than work. YUPP! This is what I personally like about networking and collaboration…. the people behind numbers, project targets and aims.

And … in only a few month I will see you guys again. You – my friends – have a save trip home in between!


Friday, July 2nd, 2010

These days I’m travelling a lot! It is a project keeping me busy very all time lately and also bringing me over to a lot of countries, places and cities I’ve never seen so far in my life. But it is not only about flights and place though. In fact, the human factor, meeting new people for the very first time and getting along with them first, to then later on leave within a very good relationship … is what gives me “the kick”!

Next topic at the agenda will be Kiev, Ukraine next week. And it is also a place, I will visit for the very first time in my life.

The info I got in advance, does make me looking forward to this trip very much. But that is not already all of the news really …. Right the week after I will head off again, then even visiting three countries within only one trip. More news to come!

Yeah! So to say: It really could become more dragging than actually. 😉

Slowing down?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

It appears like posting here has slowed down a bit?! And yes, I have to confess that my interests got trapped lately by different stuff. It is not that I would neglect this site here intentionally, but given a chance to decide I will also grab for the most fancy stuff for sure.

So I have spend a few days thinking about my next vacation trip, planning places to vist and the schedules between them into a most pleasant itinerary and finally checked flights and airfees to get there. Right now I’m very happy with all and nearly can’t await these few month until then will pass by.

The trip itself does include a very special catch up, I’m looking forward to happens since ages. During the past for a very strange little and sad moment it had looked like such a catch up would never be possible again! And so you might be able to imagine how happy I’m now about having the sureness it will now certainly take place in a not too far future from now. Yeah, that rocks!!

But there was also enough other stuff I had to work through and being on schedule to visit an intensive SAP Training over the next two weeks does not really make it easier to get all things done in time. 😐

And finally I picked up bad news about Erika, the wife of a guy I know and value, got bad news about her breast cancer turned worse again (after radiation and chemo therapy) and it needs a final and radical treatment to give her another chance (guess you get it?). She is nearly four years younger than me. How sad is that?!

But besides that I’m fine and promise that I will again make more effort again thinking about things to share here with you. 🙂

First working week is over

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

The first working week in a new year is always something special. Usually you had a few days off and therefore you lost a bit of your rhythm and starting now again it does for sure need one or two days to get back into it again.

For me and my feeling the first week of this year was rather short but pleasant. Winter has reached us and with outside temperatures outside more than unpleasant, I did spent a lot of time inside playing with stuff I’m interested in.

Feeling fascinated by my new toy I could have anyway not stop making effort learning about playing with it until I would have accomplished my self defined mission.  But now having "done", I nearly feel a bit sad about it didn’t need more effort to succeed.

Besides that all also a few things lasting from last year, which had really kept me busy thinking about, finally did take an interesting and unexpected direction … to the better! … as I think and therefore I really can’t complain at all.

It was a short, but interesting and pleasant first week this year for sure for me.

The week has passed and I’m a few days older now. But who cares? This year I’m anyway looking forward in time passing quickly. Knowing about at the end of the year I hopefully will be able to head off again into a long and overdue trip, I nearly can’t await months passing quick. But about this trip I will tell you in another post later this year. 😉

New England

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Now with my vacation nearly finished, it seems to be time to put together a few of my impressions.

The landscape here is really breathtaking. I like it a lot and have found quit a few places where I could imagine to live myself. The more rough scenery along the coast is rather nice and impressive. But the more I did like the White Mountains and the Green Mountains. Forest around … that is me! A nice lake surrounded by trees and a house close by the lake, That is what I would go for …

The people over here are rather nice and friendly! I’ve never had trouble and found quit a lot of exceptional friendly and helpful individuals. Getting in contact and even talking about the one or other more critical point like the coming up US Election was done easy and I enjoyed these dialogs a lot.

But … and that is not said with some bad intention …. People over here are different.

I can’t express it better. They are not wrong, not strange and not at least a bit of bad …. Just they are different.
Sometimes loud and the one or other time a bit superficial for my feelings. But never wrong!

Maybe too words now with less sense …. But truly! I liked my visit here and the things I have seen very much. 🙂