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Friday, July 2nd, 2010

These days I’m travelling a lot! It is a project keeping me busy very all time lately and also bringing me over to a lot of countries, places and cities I’ve never seen so far in my life. But it is not only about flights and place though. In fact, the human factor, meeting new people for the very first time and getting along with them first, to then later on leave within a very good relationship … is what gives me “the kick”!

Next topic at the agenda will be Kiev, Ukraine next week. And it is also a place, I will visit for the very first time in my life.

The info I got in advance, does make me looking forward to this trip very much. But that is not already all of the news really …. Right the week after I will head off again, then even visiting three countries within only one trip. More news to come!

Yeah! So to say: It really could become more dragging than actually. 😉

prove of life

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

I’m aware I haven’t done much here recently, but to be honest there were other things taking my interest away. On the other hand I was busy as well with work and besides Turkey, which I have written last about, work did even bring me over to South Africa recently.

To be honest … something I would never have thought about myself to be possible to happen.

Now I have to say that I very much liked this trip and even it was for work only and rather rather busy, it had some touch of heading off and flying out there to somewhere fancy and starting to discover new things there. Luckily, I was even able to make some friends there and therefore eitherway, for work or for leisure, I’m expecting myself to head there again someday.

In general my actual work (project management) is very interesting at all and as for the project does include overall EMEA, I’m looking forward seeing Russia and Poland soon. People around are even start kidding asking me whether or not I’m doing this all for pleasure saving money, I would usually spend for vacation instead.

Now I for sure confirm it is working only! And everyone saying or thinking something different is …. simply a liar! 

I just not hesitate to confess, that it has some attraction as well. It’s just sad I can’t share more about my trips though.
At least I will update you with my impressions about the new countries I’m going to see soon.

Besides that conditions over here are actual lovely and sunny and besides the usual work getting things around the house in shape again, the time over the weekend was short doing a few fun rides with Suzi again. Yeaaaaaaaah!


Friday, November 27th, 2009

I’m aware about I haven’t posted here for a while …. feeling guilty of course. But it was mainly caused by preparing for a longer trip and a few weeks being away. Now this trip has already taken place and I’m right on my way back, sitting at Changi Airport, Singapore actually.

At the end that is why I call todays posting "waiting"! Waiting, is plainly what I do actually.

But friendly people over here at Singapore have turned nearly all the town and the Airport in some huge Wifi – Zone where you have internet access nearly everywhere (ok, it needs a carrier contract though).

But back to the trip. It was for sure a fabulous trip to do and I very much enjoyed my time off. Most of the time I had company by oversea friends travelling with us. And to be honest that was what I’ve enjoyed most.

It is a great thing to do such a long and exciting trip. Seeing things other people might never get to see in their life. But the companie of friends and sharing this experience with them is some real priceless experience for sure.

It is really not like I could see or speak them all day long. Virtual perhaps, but personally nearly never. Now seeing, touching and interacting with them day by day was like a dream for me. Sadly even the most beautiful time in life is meant to end some day.

Nontheless, thanks to all my friends making it possible to travel with me. You taking time was a priceless pleasure and gift of life for me.

Thank you!

Michael 🙂

Slowing down?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

It appears like posting here has slowed down a bit?! And yes, I have to confess that my interests got trapped lately by different stuff. It is not that I would neglect this site here intentionally, but given a chance to decide I will also grab for the most fancy stuff for sure.

So I have spend a few days thinking about my next vacation trip, planning places to vist and the schedules between them into a most pleasant itinerary and finally checked flights and airfees to get there. Right now I’m very happy with all and nearly can’t await these few month until then will pass by.

The trip itself does include a very special catch up, I’m looking forward to happens since ages. During the past for a very strange little and sad moment it had looked like such a catch up would never be possible again! And so you might be able to imagine how happy I’m now about having the sureness it will now certainly take place in a not too far future from now. Yeah, that rocks!!

But there was also enough other stuff I had to work through and being on schedule to visit an intensive SAP Training over the next two weeks does not really make it easier to get all things done in time. 😐

And finally I picked up bad news about Erika, the wife of a guy I know and value, got bad news about her breast cancer turned worse again (after radiation and chemo therapy) and it needs a final and radical treatment to give her another chance (guess you get it?). She is nearly four years younger than me. How sad is that?!

But besides that I’m fine and promise that I will again make more effort again thinking about things to share here with you. 🙂

You’ve got mail

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Recently writing about a movie, I felt forced to smile when I was thinking about the title of my todays posting.

You’ve got mail!

Another one of my favorite movies and another "couple" of my favorite actors for sure ….

But what I’m really talking about,  is some postcard I’ve received recently coming from Japan. Not that I really would know someone there! But finding it in my email box, it needed just seconds to find out about it was sent by a friend actually being there for vacation

Last time I’ve heard from him, he was right back from Madagascar and full of impressions about to share. It is a very special friendship we run after we both hugged up first, back in 1994 during a common trip to China. Since then and for my feeling he must have visited nearly all countries around the globe and whenever I see him, he is right back from one or actually already planning another new trip.

Even his cards are special, like the one I’ve got now: "Actually I’m being at Tokyo for one week, then heading on to see Kyoto. Regards Klaus-Dieter" 

Looks like I’ve made a mistake once not going to work for a bank like I could have done – and he did.
Today now he is harvesting and enjoying the benefits out of his decision, while I still have to deal with bits and bugs instead …. 😐