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A pleasant week

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Unfortunately nowat sunday evening a rather pleasant week is over.

May usually is the really first stable (weather) month in the year here and with a public holidaywithin, I’ve quickly decided to have a week off. Nothing really planned I used it mainly for relaxing, but did quiet a lot of pleasant and nice things this week.

Nothing really fancy at all … just a great mix of everything … like "gulp" cleaning the car, shopping new clothes and shoes, riding Suzi (my motorbike), playing with my new toy which arrived shortly before (a Nikon D90) and "very pleasant" sharing and enjoying time together with friends.

Last is very important for me, but unfortunately often comes too short when work and appointments fill up daily schedules.

Last sunday for example I decided to visit a rather close friend movig a bit away closer into countryside. Not really planned I came exactly right when he and his wife had fired up the bbq and so I got both, an interesting tour through the new house and an excellent lunch in great company.

Yesterday I was hiking all the day and right about that Frank (another friend of me) and me decided to catch up again today with our push bike…  It was rather hot today, but despite …. we archived to do 60km today …. and following a spontanious idea we headed in ti visit a common friend of us and luckily found him at home really.

Besides all activities this week, I was also in close contact with a remote friend of me and happily able to assist and partly advice in doing a bigger acquisition.

The only … hmpf … sad thingy this week was me running into a speeding trap with Suzi (round about 20Km/h too fast – shame on me), but sitting on Suzi and with a bit of luck they might just have flashed from in front and it might work out fine for me …. hopefully!

Just as you might see an overall great week filled with lots of activities and interactions with friends …. right as I like it! Thats Tops!

ps: to Judy… visible result out of using the new toy still have to wait a bit though. Seems like I need to practise a bit first again. :-/

pps: I’m not really neglecting this site here …. recently I’m just not in a mood writing much – more :-/

Waking up Suzi

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

People knowing me are aware about at this time of the year I get nervous. Not for any bad reason of course. Instead it is more the fever of being able to ride my bike again soon.

Ok, since last year I do own two bikes now, but everyone will certainly understand that I’m actually speaking about the real bike for sure. Apr, 1st and the seaon does open for me and as for weather forcast isn’t bad for next week, it was of course a real "must" for me going out and awake Suzi.

Having slept now for 5 month it is always a bit of work getting her alive again. But once again in days I recognized how good it is to know people or things and their little peculiarities.

So knowing abou Suzi does like a slow and smooth start for sure, I went out and did take her out of the garage for fitting in the battery first. The battery was charged all time by a perment battery loader and therefore it was nothing I had to worry about.

Fitting the battery in was done in minutes and being aware about it is a good thingy, I did put the tank valve in "pre" position then strolling for the car and the wires to give Suzi a jump start though.

Even charged the little bike battery did the one or other time not last until Suzi had decided to start the engine again after the winter break and so it got more or less a well known procedure connecting her with the car for the very first start of the engine again.

Having all connected, I decided to wait another half hour or so to give the carburettors (Is this the correct word? I’ve looked it up) a chance to get flooded with fuel. Then finally coming back from a relaxed cup of coffee it needed me 3 or 4 tries and the engine did run.            (comment: Guess neighbors were also happy about!)

And in about two days – given the weather is fine – Suzi and me will be out for the very first ride of this year! Thats tops!


A Nice Weekend?!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Speaking about a nice weekend and keeping the time of the year in your mind, you might get I’m speaking about some sun and the hopefully first spring like weekend this year. Since day all the weather forcasts do not get tired about promising us a nice, pleasant and sunny weekend and now I’m really keen to see it happens.

It’s anyway time now for the weekend to come and in finally a few hours it will have arrived. But looking back the last few days I can’t really complain. The work I have done last weekend seems to work out. and even the idea that I will have to spend a few hours on sunday helping two friends with stuff does not really change my mood.

Even the background might be "work" like, dealing with friends is always a pleasure for me. I’m just carefully thinking about how "many" people I really do call friends. 😉

At the end I still have to ensure I’m able to deal and cope with them ….LOL

So back to the weekend … A sunny one! Great!!    Hopefully this last few march weeks will pass on soon also and I will be able to move my Suzi again. She has anyway slept long enough now (lazy thingy!). But perhaps I should use the hopefully really arising sun and the weekend to give her a frist check already?!

My neighbor will like for sure …..  😐

Too many choices?

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Too many choices, too many toys?! You can only do one thing right?!

You’re right, that was one of the questions I asked myself lately when I went for that push bike.
And now indeed the last few weeks Suzi came a bit short not getting moved anymore. But this was mainly forced by weather (it’s really no fun riding at rain) or heaps of work preventing to head off and away even on the weekends.

Now today everything does fit. No urgent work to do, sun and try conditions and the tempting offer to join a group of bicycle enthusiasts. Now seriously considering about I ended up in following my inner feeling saying no. And after a satisfying breakfast I went for getting Suzi out of the garage and left for a great and also satisfying ride. You know? The greed for speed!

But after three hours I had enough, even challenged myself a bit by staying close behind another bike nearly having double as much horse powers than mine for nearly 30km always coming close again in turns and sharp and narrow pieces of the roads, and headed home again for coffee and cake (plum cake! mmmh).

And guess! It’s still time, light and sunny outside and now after this short break, I will even be able to head off again and move the second bike as well. Thats Tops! 😉

ps: Quick add. At the end I made it up to 60km. Sadly during the last 10km or so it started to rain and I had to spend an extra hour cleaning the gear and myself again.

another quick repair

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Recently “Suzi” seems to like my company and extra care!

Today on my way back from the gas station my speed indicator went back to zero while driving. 😐

Hm ….. I thought and directly stopped at my Suzuki dealer which is half on the way back home. The dealer immediately assumes that it would be the transmission unit attached sidewise on the front wheel and checking his computer he offered me the bad news that this spare part would not be in stock actually.

But then he smiled and said …. Would you mind using a “used” part?!

I had a good laugh about and said: “My bike is now 16 years old – What do you think? It just depends on the price you know! Now he smiled too and said I can give it to you for half the price of the new one and you can directly fit it in here using my tools….. “Thats a word!” I said and immediately headed into his workshop.

Shortly fifteen minutes later I left going to clean my hands at home. Did I wrote that I smiled about  when I lately had dirty hands repairing the bike too?! Really not that I would need that every day! gulp 😐