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The Roo

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This morning all the radio news were full of a roo (Kangaroo) seen independently by several different persons here during the last few weeks. Obviously it must have recently escaped out of some animal park or similar.

Now yesterday evening a lady driving a car must have been scared by it sitting on a bridge across the Autobahn watching interested the traffic below. For sure seeing incoming traffic on the "wrong" lane and curious German traffic signs must have appeared strange to the poor little roo …. But was this really enough reason for her calling police though?

Anyway! The lady obviously feeling irritated by the foreign stranger did call police and in the follow several police men did try to hunt down the fugitive. Thanks god … I say … the little fellow was clever enough to escape and thinking about how much fun it is seeing them hipping around … I’m now nearly tempted to ……………………

Now wondering about how many of them it would need to get something ready like a survivable population here in Germany?!