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Friday, June 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some guy asking for me doing him a website. Now from principle this is fine and what I like. Especially when they come from alone or being referred by some other client of me as it happend this time.

So I gave him a quick ring with the idea to learn more about his needs and wishes.

Only in this chat it turns out the he has first: no real idea about he needs and second: very strange ideas about how much this would be going to cost him. Now I’ve told him that my work has it’s price and in case he would like me to work for him, he unfortunately would need me to pay by my … and not his … rates.

Having said that, I didn’t really expect him to come back to me again. Curiously a week later he contacted me again and we agreed about to meet in person. Now what shall I say? My feeling about him and his abstruse idea seemed to be true and I again did not give it a real thought it could work out nor end in a real deal.

Surprise, Surprise … A few days later he called me telling me about some example page on the net he had found as a design basis for his new pages. I want it like that …. just in blue that is.

Gulp! Ok, anyway I thought … He has now show more than once that he has serious interest I’ve thought and did send him my quote base on that page and content he had referred me to.

And … Surprise again, he called me telling me he would be fine with all and i could start immediately with developping his site.

Now I’m heavily busy creating his pages "similar" but "blue" since a week and still feel amazed about how people do act sometimes and make their decissions sometimes. Now knowing him better, I even found out about that re really had just no idea about …..

Different Rates?!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Yesterday I had a customer asking me about my different rates. Sorry he said, but I really can’t understand why you offer especially application maintenance as your most expensive task to order …. When things are settled, it should be easy to do the one or other maintenance tweak later on?!

Sure I said … But try see it through my eyes please. When you order database maintenance or application developing with me, I’m able to work with things I’m already familiar with. Or at least with things I personally think about as usefully for me to know or learn about.

Especially speaking about application maintenance – Given the situation that you can come to me telingl me about some commercial appication you bought and want me to install and take care about it…. For me this glorious software might be something totally new then, forcing me to spend hours or days learning about it first. This is time, you certainly will not like to pay me for.

And the most worst point for me could be, that I only learn for you not being able to use my knew knowledge later on for any other customer except you.

Reaching this point he smiled and said: Now I start to understand you. So you want me to come to you first, telling you about my needs? …. Now I smiled and said: Yeah! You got me now!! 😉

I have to confess that I like such customers 🙂