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Friday, February 25th, 2011

Wow! Updating my WordPress today I recognised it is over a half year now since I blogged last…

Well this was for sure forced by feeling tired about what to write about on an ongoing basis, but also be feeling busy and submerged by work all time. This hasn’t leveled by now and in a difference I’m even more busy than before. But especially this week the sunny side of the medal of my actual work background was shining very much.

Sticking in projects and leading them my day is now all about dealing with people and as for they are international project I have now personal co-workers and fellows all over the world (ok, mainly speaking EMEA though).

This week now I was catching up with two guys, I last year met as strangers, for work issues, but now count as friends and seeing them again was more about fun than work. YUPP! This is what I personally like about networking and collaboration…. the people behind numbers, project targets and aims.

And … in only a few month I will see you guys again. You – my friends – have a save trip home in between!


Friday, July 2nd, 2010

These days I’m travelling a lot! It is a project keeping me busy very all time lately and also bringing me over to a lot of countries, places and cities I’ve never seen so far in my life. But it is not only about flights and place though. In fact, the human factor, meeting new people for the very first time and getting along with them first, to then later on leave within a very good relationship … is what gives me “the kick”!

Next topic at the agenda will be Kiev, Ukraine next week. And it is also a place, I will visit for the very first time in my life.

The info I got in advance, does make me looking forward to this trip very much. But that is not already all of the news really …. Right the week after I will head off again, then even visiting three countries within only one trip. More news to come!

Yeah! So to say: It really could become more dragging than actually. 😉

Working with chicks

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Hey my friend, I’m aware that the title of this post might make you smile or even lead your mind into a wrong direction!
But seriously you should not think bad now or even allow your mind to play up about.

What I’m talking here about is serious work and for example working together with a a lady on a common project!!

On Tuesday I was traveling together with even two IT expert ladies on a business trip heading to a workshop at customer side.  The background was a difficult one about tuning a database application which does no longer quick enough. And now looking back I have to say that especially that "mixed" teamwork made a big difference for sure. All day long during the workshop we enjoyed a pleasant, relaxed and winning atmosphere. And even we more or less told the customer that this application is "shit" and need an urgent redesign, we even laughed a lot making the one or other joke with them during our conversations.

For sure I do know and respect both ladies since years, what makes a difference! And they both are real experts in their areas of expertise. But they are also friendly, easy to deal and great team players as well. The time travelling with them was short and I once again recognised that I truly enjoy working in such a "mixed" environment.

Yeah yeah, I see you smiling now …. but once again I’m talking about serious work here!

Try it! Treat those ladies with respect and you will see … even and rarely a few of them might be really "natural blond", most of them are great dudettes, easy to work with and often working harder than men! Especially those I know and sometimes even call a friends of me. 😉

The idiot again …

Friday, November 14th, 2008

This morning I had a call from the same guy as yesterday. Far way more friendlier and after a short clarification about he just had a bad day yesterday …. He asked about whether or not we could start again?!

Sure we could! And now it was me asking for the reason why he had decided to call me again after all. Can you imagine my face when he told me, that thinking about our conversation for his feeling I was the only, one in a long chain of persons he had called before, analyzing his problem seriously?!

Having all figured out finally, we then nearly phoned for another hour discussing the several different ways for him getting on, looking for the best. I made a few suggestions and finally I’ve found the one he is happy now to go with.

Looks like I have a new project certainly keeping me busy for one or two month. Hey! I’m really sorry for using this word …. idiot … first. :-/

Sometimes and curious for sure, even a real rough start is able to work out later on. Glad we’ve figured that out!

The Idea

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Since a while my mind is spinning with some new business idea. The initial topic came up when talking with some friend. And immediately feeling convinced about, I really would have loved going on with my friend and working together on it.

But even I asked more than once, it looks like there is no real interest in a cooperation. And in case there is really one thing I’ve finally learned – in such situation there is no way forcing it. It has to fit and just to fit!

Though since hearing about, I wasn’t able to stop thinking about this plan anymore. My mind processed it again and again ….. until today when by coincidence it came up again during a conversation with the retiring "Tuning" philosopher I’ve already mentioned here recently.

A guy having lots of free time soon and nearly instantly agreed in helping me with setting it up and contributing to it.
Five minutes talking about the principal idea and we already started to make our own plan about how to go on with it.

Sure, the basic idea is still the same, but as for the background behind will be a totally new and different I’m not really feeling sad about borrowing a great idea of a friend. Now making it to my own.

The domain for the new project is already registered …. But for now the info about for sure will remain unveiled!