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Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today living in information age someone should think about valid tranport of information and data should be settled fine.

This might be fine for IP packages, SMS or MMS … although I personally do not believe about that is really fine at 100% though.
Right over the weekend I had a hard time making my iPhone receiving MMS messages again. With the now aged OS 2.2.1 I had used SwirlyMMS for it and now upgrading to OS 3.0 and still having messages in it, I’ve decided to give it a go for SwirlyMMS again by neglecting the now build in MMS feature therefore.

Installing SwirlyMMS I’ve got told that I now need to use SwirlyMMS2 and even need to pay $US 6 for the upgrade to it. Now, hm – as mentioned I had prior received messages in it and therefore I did. But wasn’t really prepared the software would make trouble later one though.

Anyway, I got it figured out and finally "nearly" everything does work again like before with the new iPhone OS 3.0 for me.

But after this excurse now coming back to the topic of communication, it even seems to be more complicated dealing with real humans than with bits and bytes instead. Lately I had the feeling rushing into some really unwanted trouble about. Recognising it finally was nearly to late to prevent it though. Getting aware about was same with me using the emmergency brake therefore.

For sure and granted it wasn’t the most pleasant way though. Just the only I one could see and figure at that time.
And I guess soon we will see how easy or not is to fix that communication issue as well ….


Better keep your mouth shut

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I did it again! But for my own excuse I should point out that I didn’t it intentionally for sure …

After a long day learning about heaps of new stuff myself I headed in a discussion. Reading about someone shouting for help and seeing a few rather ignorant guys replying just bullshit I wrote a few lines back with the idea to help.

So yeah, the discussion went on and with every new mail it turned out nor the original asker nor the other two guys did really know what they are talking about.

Now this isn’t really bad, but I myself recognised to late that it does not make sense trying to help.
They are too far away from even to understand. But for my own shame I have to confess that it needed myself 3 to 4 email replies about getting aware about.

I better should have kept my mouth shut first! 😐       (Whether or not I will ever learn that?) more 😐

Technical Challenges

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

It seems to be a fact that I love technical challenges. Give me some problem within an area I’m feeling familiar with and I will be happy about trying to solve it. And if necessary even to carry together the knowledge it needs to figure it out finally.

Have you seen the movie Apollo 13?

Gentlemen!! I do not want to hear about something is intended to use for. In a difference to that I want to know about the best way using it to solve our problem. Failure is not an option!!

Now I’m usually not really challenged by such serious crises. But given such a ‘normal’ challenge or a friend needing a helping hand like today and the little boy in me will always feel keen about discovering the world around and with a bit of luck to hopefully figure it out.

Finally seeing it working at the end … Thats Tops!! my friend. 😉

Interactions …

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Human Interactions and especially those with people living remote are difficult for sure. It is not the first time I recognise, but it’s never a harm to internalize that again.

As it looks I have a talent in raising trouble. Sure it is no intention and very often it is my very wired sense of humor others don’t get, but from time to time I really have to tell myself to slow down and see things a bit more relaxed or … serious!

Perhaps matching to that I found some saying this morning:

"All problems of mankind have their reason in their missing ability to sit alone and still in a room"   Blaise Pascal

By god, this is worth to think about that!

This weekend while checking my emails I found some email conversation on a list … one, a real software bug buster had one of this "golden" issues (a million others don’t have) and a second one shouting for to see the source code (of a program which was given and not really written by the other one).

Getting the point far way quicker then them I started my reply whith the question "Are you both on drugs?!" …. Sure some joke on the edge. But could I have been really aware in the first one making it his pleasure to prototype and bug test a software and the other one is directly happy in helping out a complete team of developers to correct their issues and therefore asking for the most recent source code to rework it for them?

Yeah, I know … I’m doing it again! But honestly, without that bit of spicy conversation interaction does not make fun … at least not to me. But perhaps it’s better to do that with friends only in future.

I’ve never said or claimed for me, I’m easy …. when I left my room once ….

A lazy day?!

Monday, April 14th, 2008

After this nearly overall messed up sunday yesterday, I had promised myself a lazy day today!

Luckily it was really quiet today and all the new incoming things today were mainly business as usual. Except one real issue I was thanks god quickly able to figure out by searching the net.

So I made finally effort to accomplish all really urgent things to do today already until lunchtime. For me being able to lay back and reward myself by doing some “good will” stuff I had promised to someone recently during my afternoon.

You know such things? Something which hasn’t to get finished today and therefore gives me the chance to end looking into it whenever I should loose patience for it.

It was about some template stuff and even I ended up in mostly tweaking css (I’m really no great hero in) I was able to make fast progress. And therefore my mood was raising more and more again.

Nevertheless I would have liked to ask myself from time to time. But as for it looks like my commited helping hand in css seems to be busy actually themself, I hardly resisted in asking giving me the bonus to say: I did it all alone (at least for today that is … We will see). 😉