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An interesting day

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Today my day is filled up with lots of interesting and pleasant things so far. An really appreciated change after to a serious of more or less dragging weeks dealing with all kind of trouble recently.

It started already this morning with me getting an interesting request from oversea, continued with the good news that some difficult job I more or less only supervised and monitored (but being responsible for) completed successfully, went on with an urgent incoming problem – later on turned out into basically some actual product changes without really forcing trouble, into so far finally a phone call I got from some Oracle Consultant friendly pointing me to a new Oracle BI Publisher Community Site.

It must now be a little bit about a year when a developer contacted me about this product, which I later on installed for him. Surprisingly this installation turned out into some real success story! Mostly for the reason that my decision about using a Apache Tomcat environment instead of joining into the mainstream of installations using the standard OC4J cartridge turned out as the right one. Today we have nearly two hands full of different and for sure successful, nice and neat separated projects (different project admins with different rights concepts) running on a single box never making any trouble at all.

But back to that community pages …. sure I’m a man, but it would have to be someone different than me, not directly recognizing the BIP girl link on that community pages!

Now I know all the 8 secrets about a 29 years old American Lady living at Albany, NY …. and thanks god I was able to resist directly posting back at her blog! 😉

ps: now feeling curious about how this day will go on ….. more exciting things to come?