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Two Wheels (rule the world)

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Inspired by some enjoyable chat with a friend about bikes and gear this morning, I headed out of the house around lunchtime to get Suzi out of the garage.

A quick tour and run that was what my mind was looking for. Regardless what others say, think or do … running on a bike rules the world. Two wheels, enough power and a pleasant surrounding does free your head whatever happend first.

It is the pure fun driving, the smooth running engine, the elements around and this tiny little bit of risk and therefore adrenaline what makes the difference of course. Not sitting in an air conditions car instead …. feeling the sun in your neck, the cold wind on top of a summit or plainly the wind blowing up in front of you what does make it special and different … for me.

Anyway having planned to see a friend later I just was planning a quick tour and decided to run light without maps, rain gear and stuff. Since a while maps are only just decoration on top of the tank rucksack anymore and when checking the weather it didn’t looks like rain.

It didn’t ….. Ok, I made it up already to 160km just cruising a few of my favorite tracks around when I spotted a dark and ugly rain cloud lurking for me. Being close to some of my favorite spots, I decided to head in for coffee and ice. Sitting there … thx god for mobile internet … I’ve checked my emails and stuff … had to lines of a funny chat again … and decided to return when the cloud seems have lost interest in me.

Until home it was 50km more to run and having done 10km or so the cloud did trap me from the back. A sweet splash and I had found some dry retreat under a bridge …. bad tonques blaming me ending up under a bridge sooner or later anyway. 😐

Thanks god it needed just minutes to clear up and stop pooring again and I decided quickly about giving it a go trying to return home again. And luckily, it worked out …. last final 40km were even enough to dry me again.

Super quick drying service thats was ….. by he meaning of each word! LOL    You have a nice day as well 😉

Winter tires

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

switching my cars to winter tires usually  is one of the last tasks to do for me in a long list of activities preparing my stuff for the coming up winter season. Usually around mid or end of november when all the other things around the house are already done.

 Since two years it is even official law running on winter or all season tires at this time of the year and insurances often making their point about when being forced to cover damage. I’m not really having an issue with that. It was always was my thinking that using appropriate gear in every situation is the best thing preventing trouble. And so I’m using a 2nd set of tires for all my cars since ages.

Now this year it is different. Being lazy lately I more enjoyed the last sunny conditions whenever possible and still need to prepare all the backyard including the pond (brrrrrrrrrrr … I was sure I will regret it!). But since days now weather forcast is annoning cold conditions and even snow soon. So against all experiences I collected before, I gave the winter tires an early go this year and looking at the backyard  …. this weekend or never! In case snow comes really early this year, I guess nature has to help itself then. 😉

I’m anyway no big fan of winter season. Sure, for a few days and with clear and sunny conditions snow can be something nice.
But given a chance I would immediately swap my winter with the summer of someone else. Any takers?!


A Scorpion Day

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Most time of the year I’m a very relaxed and easy going person …. but be aware the day my real scorpion natures comes through. It is fun that most people knowing me often even don’t believe me when I’m telling them about. But given the right day, the situation and the necessary ignition and I can turn into some real mess. Regardless the person I’m dealing with actually – it is the situation and not the person in front of me making me upset.

Yeah, and so it did happens yesterday. Thanks god it was over again right 5 minutes later and I calmed down again immediately as quick as I got annoyed before. Nevertheless I hate myself afterwards and there was nothing but to excuse myself later on. 😐

So be carefully with that scorpions …. sometimes they prick ….


Monday, July 21st, 2008

I had a big weekend socializing with friends which I enjoyed very much. Even the weather was a bit changing with a clouds and rain on saturday, sunday was fine and sunny and we use it to hike with our friends and their lovely puppy dog.

Carsten who has originally made me feeling interested in video cutting did tell me about a few new ideas he has and also showed me a few exceptional stuff he created while trying to get familiar with HDTV and producing in 16:9 format.

Since a few years he has found out about diving as of his interest. Last year as for his very first time, he recorded underwater and was happy to show me his final clip about some catch up he had with a bunch of dolphins at that time.

It is that relaxed talking about technique, spiced up with personal experiences and the one or other adventure, I really do enjoy and therefore talking with him and Martina always is a great pleasure for me.

Then yesterday we catched up with Frank and Ute early, going for some relaxed walk through the Palatinate Forest. Enjoying the sunny conditions we had a nice time being out in nature and as for Frank is some old classmate of me there is always something to exchange and talk about.

As for we both recently discovered about push bike riding we had a long and interesting chat about bike buys and equipment and commited to catch up again soon again going for some ride.