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Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today living in information age someone should think about valid tranport of information and data should be settled fine.

This might be fine for IP packages, SMS or MMS … although I personally do not believe about that is really fine at 100% though.
Right over the weekend I had a hard time making my iPhone receiving MMS messages again. With the now aged OS 2.2.1 I had used SwirlyMMS for it and now upgrading to OS 3.0 and still having messages in it, I’ve decided to give it a go for SwirlyMMS again by neglecting the now build in MMS feature therefore.

Installing SwirlyMMS I’ve got told that I now need to use SwirlyMMS2 and even need to pay $US 6 for the upgrade to it. Now, hm – as mentioned I had prior received messages in it and therefore I did. But wasn’t really prepared the software would make trouble later one though.

Anyway, I got it figured out and finally "nearly" everything does work again like before with the new iPhone OS 3.0 for me.

But after this excurse now coming back to the topic of communication, it even seems to be more complicated dealing with real humans than with bits and bytes instead. Lately I had the feeling rushing into some really unwanted trouble about. Recognising it finally was nearly to late to prevent it though. Getting aware about was same with me using the emmergency brake therefore.

For sure and granted it wasn’t the most pleasant way though. Just the only I one could see and figure at that time.
And I guess soon we will see how easy or not is to fix that communication issue as well ….


A phone call?!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

These days someone should assume a normal phone call is a well settled thingy?!

At a time people communicating frequently via email (for me a normal letter usually turns out as an invoice of someone), mms, sms or things like twitter (last I do not really like) everyone should be able to deal with that “a bit aged” technique people often use to speak to someone else not directly staying close to them ….

Now having a private phone number which is not listed in public white phone pages, it is in general unusual for me to get a phone call at home, not talking with a friend or family member then.

Since two days now I’m getting calls early in the morning and late at night! While the other party is not waiting until I have picked up the call. 😐
Now running a few international friendships it is not really unusual for me to phone at such times of the day.

But really my friend, the trick is to wait until I’m there speaking with you or until my answering machine has picked up the call always willing recording your message.
And you can be sure that I will call you back!! Promised!! 🙂