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My new iPhone

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Some one out there tried the Red Wine Cake recipe?   it’s still time to do and worth it 😉

I always was looking at those Apple iPhone with mixed feelings. For sure it does not really need much to convince me about getting some new gadget, but on the other hand I value usefulness and their price before buying anything. But to be honest the biggest hurdle preventing me to buy such an iPhone instantly, were the more or less impertinent expensive T-Online contracts you obligate had to buy together with them. How nice must it be to have some monopoly… And how sad to loose it again! 😉

Now again and again looking for those toys, I recently found out about them now are offered in Italy without a Simlock and even contract. Just I hesitate to buy one over the internet and sending money in advance – to companies which mainly on their pages, does not even publish a contact address.

But asking friends and mates here for help, I found out about a beautiful lady I know was right about heading to Italy a few days ago and quickly asked she promised to pick one up for me there. 🙂

And today with her being back, I guess it will be just hours until I’m able to play with my new baby.
She even promised to come along later and handing it over to me herself. Thats Tops!!