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Action Radius

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Someone might not beleive, but I still have fun moving my push bike. Consequently I’m using it 2 or 3 time a week doing a few kilometre with it. Even me woudn’t have believe into that, but curious but true, when recognizing your limits you start to wish pushing them higher. So did and do I of course.

It is nothing I really push, but having found my way to deal with it, I plug in my ear plugs, switch on the iPod and start (ummm yeah, no need to tell me!). But it this bit feeling isolated from the rest of the world making the difference. I still hear the cars of course, but my own micro cosmos does give me room to think through things, process them for me and make new plans.

Therefore being busy mostly I did not even recognize that I make process until today.

Starting early I’ve catched up with a friend and did a bigger loop and stopped for a coffee after a distance, last year I would have felt terrible exhausted and tired. Today it was just the first break and even being nearly home splitting up from my friend about I was still ok and nearly felt sorry about. The only part of my body still complaining about is my b…..  – Just I doubt this will ever change though.

But it is not only necessary to exercise, it is also about you recognizing your limits. What I’m not made for is the extreme. In a difference I’m more into continuity. As long I like it, I’m consequent! Perhaps not the best, but who cares …. as long I’m good enough for me that is. And today I felt good! Double the distance that was … Now I’m curious about when I will double it again.


Friday, September 26th, 2008

We all know how memories – bad or good – influences our moods, feelings and even our health. Just I guess we are often not really aware about how much they do!

Recently while using my iPod I recognised that whenever I listen to a specific song my mood raises up instantly.
I immediately feel better and even start running around with a stupid smile on my face for no reason while listening to that song.

Sure I recognised that and felt curious about … but I had no idea about why this happens.

Now this week by coincidence I found out about the reason. Certainly it was forced by it wasn’t a real number one song at all and therefore I was not instantly able to remember that I’ve once used it as background music for one of my videos.

So it wasn’t the song itself. But the memories about places and folks and the good time I had their as for the reason making me feeling better at all. Glad it was a nice one though …. hey, where is my iPod right now?!!

Coloured Notebooks?!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

"They’ve stolen the idea" was first I thought when I got aware about the brand new Dell Studio – Laptop advertisement.
Just three days more and you can get your own one … I personally would like a green or red one 😉

Sure, sometimes it needs a while until companies do learn out of the success story of some competitor. But finally since "iPod era" has started, companies should know about people do love and pay for some individualism.

Finally with people are willing to pay more for some "red" iPod not offering at least one benefit or technical detail more than it’s blue, green or black siblings, colour DOES make a difference today for sure.

So the only point amazing about, for my feeling is that it needed that long at the end tough. Today’s usual grey or black notebook look is out and finally not enough anymore. Those styles make your brand new "baby", even when bought yesterday, appearing like an old and aged dinosaurs now.

Now looking closer at the Specs these new coloured laptop generation … They seems to be far way more than just "coloured gadgets" and even offered at a reasonable price – at least when you compare them with things like the ASUS eeePC and it’s clones.

Yeah, the future is COLOUR …. and I could not say I’m grumpy about! 😉

I’m a dinosaur!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Waaaahhhhhhhh…… I’m a real dinosaur!!

Can you imagine my face this morning when I recognised that I’m listening to the album Greatest Hits of "Sweet" on my iPod for days now? Ummmm! You don’t know Sweet? …. 😐 …. gulp

Then perhaps you might start a search for some songs like: Blockbuster, The Ballroom Blitz, Teenage Rampage or Action! And I’m sure you  later on will find about it as worth you made some effort looking for it. For you the songs might be a bit covered with dust though! They are out of a time songs were still made honestly and with heart and not only looking at the charts. Songs which are free of that all technical tweaking stuff we used to "enjoy" today.

So I was really listening to it for 4 days without to recognise! I vaguely remember that I had  switched my iPod into repeat mode on Monday while listening to Ballroom Blitz. It was on my way home and feeling stressed about a lot of things going on actually keeping my brain busy all the time.

And as for you seems not to know about "Sweet" …. I MUST be a dinosaur for sure 😐


Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Yesterday I did a bit of travelling. For business that was. And it was more or less crossing half the republic twice just for sitting together with a customer for 2 or 3 hours …. some situation just do need a face to face dialog, no question about the effort or time it needs.

At the end it was a very successful meeting and on my way home …. instead of sticking my head into the work I had carried with me, I decided to just switch on my iPod, listening to some music trying to relax by looking out of the windows enjoying the overwhelming green outside.

By coincidence (my iPod was on shuffle) I listened to a few songs from an album we bought during a vacation. Now sitting there watching out of the window of a running train listening to music my brain does link together with vacation and great memories I have I suddenly felt a deep longing … 😐