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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

A few days ago I strolled through AppStore checking out new stuff there. By coincidense I did run over an app called Easy Wi-Fi by Devicescape offered there in a few “different” flavours regarding to the underlaying carrier used.

Now I should say that since a while I missed a handy app enabling me to use my hotspot connection details easily to login into secured hotspots like you often see at Starbucks or McDonald’s.Β  Not that I really would relay very often on the services of the 2nd service, but with the hotspots as an option they look farway more attractive now and the other service I visit anyway frequently.

Now seeing it and giving it a test was nearly one thing … especially it is offered for free … and I was very amazed seeing it working very well.

It working very well seemed rather strange to me, by knowing about such hugh company like T-Mobile does fail since ages to hand over you a working App doing the same. Now my hotspot flatrate seemd to make sense for the first time really!

Available as a PC client software only, the Mac OSX equivalent of a login tools is plainly missing and the browser bookmark might work as they suggest, but in my eyes is far away from being a really useful solution.

So therefore encouraged I’ve downloaded there Mac proggy and sadly found out about thereis a compatibility issue with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.(1) preventing this gorgeous solution to work.

Feeling a bit disappointed I’ve searched thereforums and FAQ and found some article answered by a tech guy called John, promising a new port soon and thereby asking for people willing to test for them. I didn’t mind and offered my help and nearly instantly got contacted by John. Now only a few days later I got a test suit from him and right the first test of it was a success!

If you everΒ  nagging have looked for a similar solution like me…. Give it a test! This company does rock for sure.

John! You have a new friend here. Feel free to contact me for another test whenever needed. πŸ™‚


Twitterfon vs. Twitterfon Pro

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Since being on an iPhone I’m using Twitterfon as for my my preferred App for twittering. Of course I couldn’t resist also giving those other twitter clients a test but finally and happy about I’ve return to it again.

Just lately it started up annoying me with stupid banner adds. Now you will not really turning poor by buying the pro version instead I’ve though and therefore getting rid of those nasty banner adds and stuff. Having the idea and buying it was on thing for me as usual and a few seconds later on I was the proud user of the Pro version and fired it up.

What a disappointment seeing it is newly nothing different at all …. can someone tell me how these folks archive to write several lines telling people about fancy more features of the pro version,  when it simply comes down to a multiple login feature(several accounts) and a few – not really worth to mention – skins for it? And at the end … you loose all your cached tweets therefore??

Last I’ve found very annoying for sure, as for I often exchange URLs through twitter and remember them by the context I’ve talked about them. A bit baffled I’ve found out about there is no import function and both version did work independent from each other.

Ok, someone can ask I’ve though and wrote to that guys asking for to overtake those stored tweets …. 2 days later …. no way there is was the answer …. not even a "We’re sorry to say …". 😐

Hah!! What do they think? Do they think I’m stupid eh?!

Running short by time I did park this topic for a week or so, but then finally made effort to get it fixed for me. Good news …. There is a way for sure! But now slowly step by step.

Sure, they couldn’t be aware I’m on a jailbreaked iPhone! But why didn’t they mention this possibility first?!

Finding it hard and difficult to analyze it all on the device itself, I first of all dumped it’s whole content onto my MBP using a tar command ( ssh -C -l root [ip of iphone] β€œcd /; tar zcpf – .” | tar xzf – ). So situation somewhat relieved I made a bit effort checking the content, trying to find out about it’s structure and where the relevant data would be to find on.

Mobile Apps are stored below /private/var/mobile/Applications within some cryptic folder names. Don’t get scared, it is easy to find your App in question by browsing these subfolder checking the store App within though. Now with this knowledge found it was easy to thrill down to Twitterfon as also Twitterfon Pro and analyzing the folder structure within. One view and opening the subfolder Documents and I was right finding some db1.5.sql file within. Who would wonder the one from the free version was bigger though?!

Seeing it was copying it and a short test was telling me something about a write locked database … pah! Some quick "chmod 755" and a "chown mobile:mobile" and also this problem was solved! And two minutes and a sync later the free version of Twitterfon on my iPhone was history.

No Way!? You’re kidding me?????????


Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today living in information age someone should think about valid tranport of information and data should be settled fine.

This might be fine for IP packages, SMS or MMS … although I personally do not believe about that is really fine at 100% though.
Right over the weekend I had a hard time making my iPhone receiving MMS messages again. With the now aged OS 2.2.1 I had used SwirlyMMS for it and now upgrading to OS 3.0 and still having messages in it, I’ve decided to give it a go for SwirlyMMS again by neglecting the now build in MMS feature therefore.

Installing SwirlyMMS I’ve got told that I now need to use SwirlyMMS2 and even need to pay $US 6 for the upgrade to it. Now, hm – as mentioned I had prior received messages in it and therefore I did. But wasn’t really prepared the software would make trouble later one though.

Anyway, I got it figured out and finally "nearly" everything does work again like before with the new iPhone OS 3.0 for me.

But after this excurse now coming back to the topic of communication, it even seems to be more complicated dealing with real humans than with bits and bytes instead. Lately I had the feeling rushing into some really unwanted trouble about. Recognising it finally was nearly to late to prevent it though. Getting aware about was same with me using the emmergency brake therefore.

For sure and granted it wasn’t the most pleasant way though. Just the only I one could see and figure at that time.
And I guess soon we will see how easy or not is to fix that communication issue as well ….


various things

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Today I’ve worked most of the day outside the house cleaning and tidying up a bit. Not that that would be some favorite work of me! But today I didn’t mind as for it was a mild and sunny day and after all those weeks of ugly and cold conditions, sun and fresh air outside immediately lifted my mood. You really can feel that your body and brain are suffering for that bit of a change and I reallydo hope winter will be over soon.

During this last week I also had to deal with some nasty Trojan and Spyware on my main Windows Workstation. For years now I had no trouble with that anymore and being on MAC since a while I nearly had forgotten about such things exists first. But related to my researches looking for tools for to use dumping my SMS messages from my old mobile phone I had touched the one or other questionable site and surely one of them did honor this with infecting my workstation with Virtumonde (e.q. Virtumondo, Vundo or MS Juan).

Boy I tell you that is really nasty stuff! First I’ve tried it with the ususal Antispyware tools and Virus Scanner like F-Secure, Avast, Avird, Spybot and Ad-Aware, but even they reported it … None of them was able to remove it finally!!

It is a real shame that all of this products failed and even the knowledge about is is some really clever coded Malware can not balance that. I’m glad about I’m not really depending on this system and so I had the chance to "play" with this situation for a few days running the one or other search and tool over the system … without success! But when I was nearly about to incline and give up going to reinstall the system from scratch, by coincidence I found the info about some really great and free spyware removal tool. It is called Combofix and can get downloaded from that side here:

I used it in German version and I’m not really aware about there is an English equivalent available, but impressively it did the job within minutes while all others scanned and failed for ages. Whoever this might read desperately looking for help removing Vundo … Feel free to contact me in case you should have trouble with the German dialog. I will not mind speaking you through it. It is worth it for sure!

Getting this fixed again my mood already started to lift, but finally the info about some free and ready to use Navigation System (GPS) for the iPhone available through Cydia (, which I immediately did install and test successfully, made the difference and the weekend could start! πŸ˜‰

Sure, this xGPS is no real replacement for normal GPS, but given the case you are on the road with a rented car or desperately in need to get your direction, I’m sure about you will feel happy about having such a "light" version GPS at hand. Guess it will be hand on the motorbike as well putting the iPhone on top of the fuel tank in front of you.

Thinking about, I guess that were all of the actual news to share …. except the rather good news about: My fishes out in the pond did survive! Yeah!!! Thats Tops πŸ˜‰


SMS & SQLite

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

You might have recognised that lately I turned a bit quiet here?. Yeah, this happens from time to time when something does trap my interest totally.
Now in this specific case it was the wish to transfer all my stored SMS from the old mobile phone to my newly bought iPhone. Not Possible??

Hah! Sure there is no straight way to do and  what a pity the original client software by Motorola does not even allow you to dump the info. But why shouldn’t it be possible though?
With a strong will there is a solution for every thing! Believe me!!

Now searching for info, I found snychonizing services on the net … How cool! Passing on the SMS to them and loose Origin and Timestamp at the end? NEVER!

But querying Google brought up the info that there are P2KTools to dump the Motorola and even they have issues, I was able to dump the messages into ascii files.
This was a beginning for sure. πŸ™‚

But now back to the iPhone. How to syncronize it? Looking into things brough up the info about and a loadable tool called iTextuploader. A quick test of both ended up with the sureness it works reliable and fine. Checking options even told me there is a bidirectional exchange possible, but the web frontend didn’t allow me to add the older messages.

Ok! So there seemd to be no quick solutions at hand first. Next investigation brought up the info that on the iPhone the SMS info is stored within a SQLite database …a database???
Great! That was the answer of everything. Downloading the db from the iPhone was easily done. In fact – lazy as I was – I just did send it as an email with attachment to myself.

Then it needed 10 to 15 minutes analyzing the internal structure of the database and another hour adding the messages and adjusting and correcting the database integrity again.
Uploading it directly to the device?! Nah, the risk damaging my new SMS info by overwriting the db directly seemed to high.

So I went back to the webservice and used their "old way" uploading messages through the webinterface by uploading the db … in that case the prepared one.
And?! Nothing! No complains, no warning, no errors …. purely loaded and now visible within the web application.

With the offered export  funtion of the pages I marked all message for to restore them on the phone and back at the iPhone I told iTextuploader (uploader ROFL) to download them.
Wasn’t that easy? Now I have SMS info on the iPhone out of a time the device was not even invented. πŸ˜‰