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Friday, June 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some guy asking for me doing him a website. Now from principle this is fine and what I like. Especially when they come from alone or being referred by some other client of me as it happend this time.

So I gave him a quick ring with the idea to learn more about his needs and wishes.

Only in this chat it turns out the he has first: no real idea about he needs and second: very strange ideas about how much this would be going to cost him. Now I’ve told him that my work has it’s price and in case he would like me to work for him, he unfortunately would need me to pay by my … and not his … rates.

Having said that, I didn’t really expect him to come back to me again. Curiously a week later he contacted me again and we agreed about to meet in person. Now what shall I say? My feeling about him and his abstruse idea seemed to be true and I again did not give it a real thought it could work out nor end in a real deal.

Surprise, Surprise … A few days later he called me telling me about some example page on the net he had found as a design basis for his new pages. I want it like that …. just in blue that is.

Gulp! Ok, anyway I thought … He has now show more than once that he has serious interest I’ve thought and did send him my quote base on that page and content he had referred me to.

And … Surprise again, he called me telling me he would be fine with all and i could start immediately with developping his site.

Now I’m heavily busy creating his pages "similar" but "blue" since a week and still feel amazed about how people do act sometimes and make their decissions sometimes. Now knowing him better, I even found out about that re really had just no idea about …..

A pleasant week

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Unfortunately nowat sunday evening a rather pleasant week is over.

May usually is the really first stable (weather) month in the year here and with a public holidaywithin, I’ve quickly decided to have a week off. Nothing really planned I used it mainly for relaxing, but did quiet a lot of pleasant and nice things this week.

Nothing really fancy at all … just a great mix of everything … like "gulp" cleaning the car, shopping new clothes and shoes, riding Suzi (my motorbike), playing with my new toy which arrived shortly before (a Nikon D90) and "very pleasant" sharing and enjoying time together with friends.

Last is very important for me, but unfortunately often comes too short when work and appointments fill up daily schedules.

Last sunday for example I decided to visit a rather close friend movig a bit away closer into countryside. Not really planned I came exactly right when he and his wife had fired up the bbq and so I got both, an interesting tour through the new house and an excellent lunch in great company.

Yesterday I was hiking all the day and right about that Frank (another friend of me) and me decided to catch up again today with our push bike…  It was rather hot today, but despite …. we archived to do 60km today …. and following a spontanious idea we headed in ti visit a common friend of us and luckily found him at home really.

Besides all activities this week, I was also in close contact with a remote friend of me and happily able to assist and partly advice in doing a bigger acquisition.

The only … hmpf … sad thingy this week was me running into a speeding trap with Suzi (round about 20Km/h too fast – shame on me), but sitting on Suzi and with a bit of luck they might just have flashed from in front and it might work out fine for me …. hopefully!

Just as you might see an overall great week filled with lots of activities and interactions with friends …. right as I like it! Thats Tops!

ps: to Judy… visible result out of using the new toy still have to wait a bit though. Seems like I need to practise a bit first again. :-/

pps: I’m not really neglecting this site here …. recently I’m just not in a mood writing much – more :-/

Another Week

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I’m can’t say why and I’m also not sure whether or not I’m the only one feeling that way, but actually I have the feeling that time is flying by. It is like a blink with the eyes and a week has passed and I only recognise it by the weekend is standing in front of the door.

Looks like I’m busy! Am I? 😉     or   ……   Are days just too similar actually?

I wouldn’t say so, as for I’m actually dealing with something new and quit a lot of things recently needed to get arranged, spoken about and brought on track. And even I have the feeling that things now processing exceptional well I can’t prevent me having the feeling that it needs stepping besides though and taking a second to analyze the actual position again.

It wasn’t all easy and especially the start was a bit rough lately. But now two weeks after finally starting with it,  I’m very happy about to recognise that both parties have learned. Not going into details here, I just migh offer that I’m speaking about some kind of reunion and an old idea now seems to work out finally.

Perhaps not really completely following the original old idea, but now perhaps the only possible and working one instead. It is a real pleasure to see the effort both sides are making actually working together and taking care about to prevent old mistakes and irritations today. It is good when you know each other after all, and even better when it really works out. 

The results so far are good and for sure worth all effort. Let’s go on, I’m very keen to see it working!



Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Recently it has become cold here. Since the weekend temperatures have dropped a lot and are now even over the day close around 0°C. This morning we had frost outside and on Sunday we had even the very first taste of snow for a few hours until weak sun actually archived to melt it away again.

Honestly I would not need the cold season anymore. As I child I had lots of fun playing out in the snow, but today I see it widely as a hassle. Who does need to shovel snow and bying winter tyres really?

Since I know there are places in world now having sommer I’m more and more falling in love with the idea to look for some 2nd place to be during these time of the year. Closing down things here and heading off to a 2nd summer each year seems to be a more than tempting idea!

Guess I should work harder on making it a reality and real option soon … 😉


The Idea

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Since a while my mind is spinning with some new business idea. The initial topic came up when talking with some friend. And immediately feeling convinced about, I really would have loved going on with my friend and working together on it.

But even I asked more than once, it looks like there is no real interest in a cooperation. And in case there is really one thing I’ve finally learned – in such situation there is no way forcing it. It has to fit and just to fit!

Though since hearing about, I wasn’t able to stop thinking about this plan anymore. My mind processed it again and again ….. until today when by coincidence it came up again during a conversation with the retiring "Tuning" philosopher I’ve already mentioned here recently.

A guy having lots of free time soon and nearly instantly agreed in helping me with setting it up and contributing to it.
Five minutes talking about the principal idea and we already started to make our own plan about how to go on with it.

Sure, the basic idea is still the same, but as for the background behind will be a totally new and different I’m not really feeling sad about borrowing a great idea of a friend. Now making it to my own.

The domain for the new project is already registered …. But for now the info about for sure will remain unveiled!