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A helping hand

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The last two days I had trouble with my hosting. Alarmed by my automated domain monitoring I found several of my domains not working anymore. Although being under time pressure I could for sure not resist analyzing the situation and starting the try to fix things again.

Even now after two separate sessions I’m not really sure about the issue. Some domains had "extra content", while others plainly did miss content or files. Hackers? Erratic SAN errors? Anyway …. A bit baffled I had to accept that my effort securing things seemed not be enough though. But thanks god I’m not short on recent backups and after that digging into details quickly I was quit sure about a restore would be best – databases were not touched and files hadn’t changed since last backup as I was sure about. Simply put things back into place and all would be fine again?!

Just after restoring domain folder there were still a few issues left when I was force to leave things alone having other obligations to go for. Shortly before leaving I decided to inform some close friend of me hosting with the same business and even on the same system than me.

As quickly turned out some of my friends’ domains were involved as well and being aware I’m short with time there was immediately the offer to do some more checks on mine as well ensuring everything would be fixed again.

Can you imagine how great and relaxing it is coming back after a long day and finding everything fixed and in place again … like magic? Thanks Matey … that rocks!!

Quality Work??

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Now getting work on an appropriate level and quality seems to be not implicitness today anymore. Even when you pay for it all world seems to think it is just necessary to take the money from you.

This week I move a website for a customer to a new hosting provider and part of it was registering a ssl certificate which had to be done by the administrators of the hosting provider. So the customer passed on the info and got charged for installing it …. and when I tried her online shop I had to find out about it does not work because of a missing certificate information.

How can that be???

That was exactly what I asked the hosting business, but so far I did get nothing but excuses from them.

It’s anyway curious. You request hosting by an American Hosting business and helpdesk personal from India is answering you. When you then insist in getting things done, a "Super"-Admin from USA is answering you, then telling that they are sorry about that and that is missing and it is a pre-requirement to full fill you wish first … the wish you told them about and even got charged for it a few days ago.

Honestly, I’m not sure this is the appropriate business to be …. and I’m really happy about I didn’t recommend it to the client, only being hired for the move itself.
Believe me, I’m really happy to pay $US 2 more, but get a real service instead myself!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

I nearly can’t believe that it is now nearly a year since I’ve started this blog here, shortly after I had moved to a new hosting provider. At the end and shortly before leaving I had felt very grumpy about the former one, but now since hosting with MT – and even they have trouble too sometimes – I feel happy again and can’t complain about their service.

But also this blog and blogging on it has become some likely behavior for me and I would like to use the chance today to say thanks to all my followers here!
And for sure to wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year 2009. May this new 2009 become some happy, lucky and successfully year for all of us!

Michael 🙂

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

As ususaly when I like something, I ask myself now about "Why didn’t I went earlier for one?!" 😐

Anyway! Since a few days I own one of this shiny iPhones and after a few minutes playing with it, it has become one of my favorites toys ever.

Sure at first was just another new phone and needed a few minutes really getting familiar with it first. But everything seems so easy with it that looking into it’s manual really seems to be wasted time to me. Setting up email (even my own domains) was done easily and with a smile I remembered my first tries setting it up on a Siemens Mobile a few years back.

An now after a few days and finally figuring out about it’s installable apps it is not longer just a another new phone … No instead it is an always ready and running little helper for nearly everything I can imagine.

After asking a friend about hers’  and installing a few apps I had already heard about, I strolled Apple Store looking for more and here now is my very own Top 10 list of iPhone Apps:

  • Air Sharing – Setting up your iPhone as WLAN  drive
  • AroundMe – Information about things around you
  • Evernote – Capture information and sycronize it over your devices
  • fring – Multiprotocol Chat client including (VoIP)
  • ifFound – Stores contact information as wallpaper
  • iHandy – Free Level
  • MotionX GPS lite – GPS system
  • NetNewsWire – RSS Reader
  • TouchTerm – mobile ssh-client
  • TwitterFon – Twitter Client

I find it hard to stay with 10 here as announce. It looks like I’ve installed millions and find it hard not being able to speak about online access to public transportation info about busses and trains in realtion to your actual position, online translation helpers, unit converter, Hotspot finder, Internet Radio, Google Earth and Ebay interfaces and and and ….

But here we are, and i’m sure about you will find your own Apps yourself! (Did I already mention the customized Admin Panel for iPhone offered by my hosting provider?) 😉


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Boy, believe me! There is nothing more annoying then registrar services. Today I was dealing with a friend together about setting up a new domain for him. You think we archived it? You’re wrong! 🙁

The domain was registered easily. Sure the get money for it! Also the hosted environment was created in seconds.
Changing the DNS and nameserver info of the earlier registered domain … impossible……………

I’ve checked it twice and queried the nameservers after each other with perfect results. THEY DO answer perfectly. But the registrar’s system does not think so! How come? Honestly I have no idea. But today I do fed up with that really. Unbelievable!!