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Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

I wish all the readers of my blog here a Merry Christmas.
May this Christmastime bring you and your family lots of warmth and happiness.

It is nice to see you all stay or come back again to my humble thoughts here.
Michael 🙂

Another Year

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

It is a curious thingy with that "Time" and usually we do not have enough, but added together it is our life. We just have to stop and getting aware about again sometimes.

Constantly rushing through our days, times goes by nearly by itself and curious but true it must be already another full year which has finally passed today. I remember this November date as something specific to me, but thinking about I have to confess that I’m not really feeling older nor different today. Just my memory snip sets -highs and lows – and finally a lot of folks insisting in sending me greetings today convinced me finally in it must be true ….

And now with family members and folks have left again, I would like to take this chance here saying thanks to all others making effort for me today. It was a very warm and overwhelming feeling today, seeing people around the world having thought about to write or phone this grumpy and old German today. Guys you ROCK! And many thanks again!! 🙂

You’ve got mail

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Recently writing about a movie, I felt forced to smile when I was thinking about the title of my todays posting.

You’ve got mail!

Another one of my favorite movies and another "couple" of my favorite actors for sure ….

But what I’m really talking about,  is some postcard I’ve received recently coming from Japan. Not that I really would know someone there! But finding it in my email box, it needed just seconds to find out about it was sent by a friend actually being there for vacation

Last time I’ve heard from him, he was right back from Madagascar and full of impressions about to share. It is a very special friendship we run after we both hugged up first, back in 1994 during a common trip to China. Since then and for my feeling he must have visited nearly all countries around the globe and whenever I see him, he is right back from one or actually already planning another new trip.

Even his cards are special, like the one I’ve got now: "Actually I’m being at Tokyo for one week, then heading on to see Kyoto. Regards Klaus-Dieter" 

Looks like I’ve made a mistake once not going to work for a bank like I could have done – and he did.
Today now he is harvesting and enjoying the benefits out of his decision, while I still have to deal with bits and bugs instead …. 😐