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Saturday, June 26th, 2010

In the meantime my Russia trip has taken place. Now looking back it was a good time, as also a great experience and an adventure.

Heading there you need a special Visa and for getting it quickly you need some business invitiation first. You can get some easily even by the booked hotel if you want, but even them processing will need up to 10 days though.

Now flying there is not really different than to any other place in the world though. Even air traffic controller there made us wait up in the air for nearly 45 minutes. 

Now Russia for me so far was only Moscow and one day driving out of town to see one single remote location only. But Moscow for sure is worth some trip and I even made it up to see the Kremlin and the Red Square right on the first evening being there. 

Traffic there is killing and as a pedestrian you better always look carefully twice. Driving a car is not at least a bit better and so I was rather happy getting droven around.

Being there with a few others guys  (one Danish, one British and finally another German) we quickly hooked up to a team and especially the evenings after work, we’ve used to stroll the town on our own were rather enjoyable. Yes! Boys we had heaps of fun during this trip.

Now for work it seems different. Even being called for turning up, it looks like not everywhere and with everyone we were welcome first. The answers we got were often contradictive and at first they never ever give you a clue really. But even that did improve over the days….. as always it needs to get familiar with each other first!

Not sure I should mention that on the way back to the airport we’ve passed a car hijacking and a few guys fireing after a car which tried to escape with spinning wheels????   Yeah, thats Russia as well! And I guess you have to be aware about!

But anyway! Being back now I personally see it as an "Adventure"! And giving the fact I was told to fly to Kiew, Ukraine in about two weeks, it looks like it will remain interesting for a while. 


Friday, March 6th, 2009

Last few weeks I was heavily busy doing translations. Now this is curious as for once at school my English teacher told me about he heavily doubt about I will ever learn English. Guess he was right …

It starte all a few weeks ago when a friend asked me for help translating some English content into German language and went on in me recently translation contract stuff forward and backward between languages. I really can’t say it is easy doing for me. Especially I’m aware that it needs to be sustainable "in case".

But the more I do, the more I get used to it  and there is even more to come in a close future. Luckily then again in the easier direction for me from German to English language.

But over all that work I once again recognised how easy it is to make mistakes about and how necessary it is to be clear within your verbal or written message,

Feeding a English speaking friend with copies of email running in German dialog, we from 0 to 100 did run into a discussion. About all the trying someone should be aware that a rough Google online translation or a quick online chat under timepressure is able to transfer the same or similar message than a longer email dialog in a foreign language.

Actually I’m hoping we are overit again … but future will show. And hopefully something nice! 🙂


Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Last two days I did translations for a friend. Usually I do from German language into English (by for sure being aware I make mistakes!), but this time it was the other way round. And honestly, I felt about it as extremely difficult to do for quit a few different reasons at the same time.

Not I would mind such work! In a difference to that I felt honored about my friend having all that trust in my "language" abilities and liked to do this little favor for him. But being trained the other way round thinking backwards is quit a big difference.

I still remember the days I’ve started to write and talk in English. It was years after school and Ansleigh (my first victim) a rather friendly and nice online friend of me, certainly must have felt physical and mental pain reading through my lines. Today after years we are still in contact and even we are both busy people, from time to time we do pass us on some short and friendly greetings. In between she is a proud mum of two and taking the chance here I wish her and new baby Erin all the best for coming over the actual difficult time (Erin was born far way to early) soon.

But speaking about translations I still owe you the reasons about, why it was hard for me to do.

Today more being used to using English, I no longer think in German and start to translate before speaking it out. Even I do for sure not understand every term, I usually get or know it’s meaning and go using words without to think whether or not they might be the best one to use. My friends often tell me I have a few very characteristic "issues" in my English, but they nearly do like that … nearly … You get it?! 😐

But the most difficult challenge I had to go through was knowing about I would write something with a real serious business background, talking about places and details I have nor seen nor even talked about before. It were just English (excellent English) descriptions used with the idea to advertise something to sell.

Boy that was rather strange. How would you describe a place you don’t know in real?! 😉

“Ask The German”

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Recently I was talking and kidding with some friends and suddenly a new idea was born. Together we decided to make effort creating some knowledge blog in which we commited us to blog little knowledge snip sets from time to time.

Speaking about and doing it was one thing and since a few weeks we are collection knowledge there. Unfortunately it looks like one of the three does not really have the motivation and passion of the others. But even with the just two of us it makes fun though.

But now with a few articles online I thought about to unveil it here as Ask The German with the idea to hopefully get some feedback about. Learning how others think about this idea as good or not.

ps: Feel free to comment either here … or there!