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Action Radius

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Someone might not beleive, but I still have fun moving my push bike. Consequently I’m using it 2 or 3 time a week doing a few kilometre with it. Even me woudn’t have believe into that, but curious but true, when recognizing your limits you start to wish pushing them higher. So did and do I of course.

It is nothing I really push, but having found my way to deal with it, I plug in my ear plugs, switch on the iPod and start (ummm yeah, no need to tell me!). But it this bit feeling isolated from the rest of the world making the difference. I still hear the cars of course, but my own micro cosmos does give me room to think through things, process them for me and make new plans.

Therefore being busy mostly I did not even recognize that I make process until today.

Starting early I’ve catched up with a friend and did a bigger loop and stopped for a coffee after a distance, last year I would have felt terrible exhausted and tired. Today it was just the first break and even being nearly home splitting up from my friend about I was still ok and nearly felt sorry about. The only part of my body still complaining about is my b…..  – Just I doubt this will ever change though.

But it is not only necessary to exercise, it is also about you recognizing your limits. What I’m not made for is the extreme. In a difference I’m more into continuity. As long I like it, I’m consequent! Perhaps not the best, but who cares …. as long I’m good enough for me that is. And today I felt good! Double the distance that was … Now I’m curious about when I will double it again.

The bicycle and I

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I guess that to those, who have read my earlier posting about me getting a bicycle and felt as curious about as me, I do now owe an update.

Perhaps I have to pity you! But the nice gadget is not just staying around in the basement. I used it quit a few times so far and have to say that I more and more appreciate using it.

Sure it has no engine and pushing it yourself still seems somehow odd to me, but slowly we both … the bike and me  … are growing together.

Not being really convinced about my own decision at first, I went for some good priced mid-range bike. Being aware that buying too cheap and quickly feeling happy anymore would spoil fun, I procrastinated buying all other equipment around. Therefore handicapped a bit, the first two or so rides getting familiar with the gear and not wearing appropriates clothes were mixed indeed. But not feeling bounced in general I quickly made effort getting the "rest" like the real biker dress, click pedals and shoes and drinking bottles and stuff also and since then things improved rapidly.

Especially about the click pedals I had very mixed feelings and hesitated mounting them. But being on my own on a sunday, I decided about yet or never and called myself a nerd not doing earlier…. Doesn’t I play with up to 20 or so different functions on the "real" bike while driving all the time?!  … and got on and well with them pretty quick.

Speaking about being on my own, I found out about I more prefer riding with my pushy alone as for it gives me the pleasure of being able to do it my way … not feeling forced to keep up with others.

My way?! Never being really very sportive myself I’m pretty happy about to do around 30km in about 1,5 hours or so right now. I’m aware this does not sound impressive, but perhaps you should try it yourself and you will find out about it requires being in motion constantly. As there are always some reasons slowing you down for a few seconds.

The actual magically border  seems to be around 50km for me … Not that I couldn’t do more, but that is the point when I do finally start to feel like a break and a specific part of me (my b..) does start to hurt! 😐

But honestly, it does look like the bicycle and I have found together seriously. Being a very terrible individualist all my life, I never was able to cope and addict with clubs and for example regularly scheduled trainings ever wednesday.

And therefor I really do enjoy the flexibility the new toy is offering me for exercising purposes. 🙂