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A helping hand

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The last two days I had trouble with my hosting. Alarmed by my automated domain monitoring I found several of my domains not working anymore. Although being under time pressure I could for sure not resist analyzing the situation and starting the try to fix things again.

Even now after two separate sessions I’m not really sure about the issue. Some domains had "extra content", while others plainly did miss content or files. Hackers? Erratic SAN errors? Anyway …. A bit baffled I had to accept that my effort securing things seemed not be enough though. But thanks god I’m not short on recent backups and after that digging into details quickly I was quit sure about a restore would be best – databases were not touched and files hadn’t changed since last backup as I was sure about. Simply put things back into place and all would be fine again?!

Just after restoring domain folder there were still a few issues left when I was force to leave things alone having other obligations to go for. Shortly before leaving I decided to inform some close friend of me hosting with the same business and even on the same system than me.

As quickly turned out some of my friends’ domains were involved as well and being aware I’m short with time there was immediately the offer to do some more checks on mine as well ensuring everything would be fixed again.

Can you imagine how great and relaxing it is coming back after a long day and finding everything fixed and in place again … like magic? Thanks Matey … that rocks!!

Twitterfon vs. Twitterfon Pro

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Since being on an iPhone I’m using Twitterfon as for my my preferred App for twittering. Of course I couldn’t resist also giving those other twitter clients a test but finally and happy about I’ve return to it again.

Just lately it started up annoying me with stupid banner adds. Now you will not really turning poor by buying the pro version instead I’ve though and therefore getting rid of those nasty banner adds and stuff. Having the idea and buying it was on thing for me as usual and a few seconds later on I was the proud user of the Pro version and fired it up.

What a disappointment seeing it is newly nothing different at all …. can someone tell me how these folks archive to write several lines telling people about fancy more features of the pro version,  when it simply comes down to a multiple login feature(several accounts) and a few – not really worth to mention – skins for it? And at the end … you loose all your cached tweets therefore??

Last I’ve found very annoying for sure, as for I often exchange URLs through twitter and remember them by the context I’ve talked about them. A bit baffled I’ve found out about there is no import function and both version did work independent from each other.

Ok, someone can ask I’ve though and wrote to that guys asking for to overtake those stored tweets …. 2 days later …. no way there is was the answer …. not even a "We’re sorry to say …". 😐

Hah!! What do they think? Do they think I’m stupid eh?!

Running short by time I did park this topic for a week or so, but then finally made effort to get it fixed for me. Good news …. There is a way for sure! But now slowly step by step.

Sure, they couldn’t be aware I’m on a jailbreaked iPhone! But why didn’t they mention this possibility first?!

Finding it hard and difficult to analyze it all on the device itself, I first of all dumped it’s whole content onto my MBP using a tar command ( ssh -C -l root [ip of iphone] “cd /; tar zcpf – .” | tar xzf – ). So situation somewhat relieved I made a bit effort checking the content, trying to find out about it’s structure and where the relevant data would be to find on.

Mobile Apps are stored below /private/var/mobile/Applications within some cryptic folder names. Don’t get scared, it is easy to find your App in question by browsing these subfolder checking the store App within though. Now with this knowledge found it was easy to thrill down to Twitterfon as also Twitterfon Pro and analyzing the folder structure within. One view and opening the subfolder Documents and I was right finding some db1.5.sql file within. Who would wonder the one from the free version was bigger though?!

Seeing it was copying it and a short test was telling me something about a write locked database … pah! Some quick "chmod 755" and a "chown mobile:mobile" and also this problem was solved! And two minutes and a sync later the free version of Twitterfon on my iPhone was history.

No Way!? You’re kidding me?????????

Freeing Space

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Having a customer insisting in starting a new software project always again with a complete copy of his biggest database, I again and again get the request to free disk space from him afterwards.

I’m not sure how often i said to him that this doing is sense and meaning lessand in it’s follow does end in a hugh ressource consuption and a lot of man power cleaning things up later on again. Anyway, he always comes up with the argument that he needs most recent data to be sure his programs would work as wishes and designed for. But at the end it means me running over all and checking the systems for waisted and orphaned stuff.

Not that I would mind in general – as long as he pays me I’m in principle fine with it – but being faced with such an odd and boring day reviewing all I again and again think about this can’t be true. One time made the effort to think about a few clever routines extracting just the necessary and needed up2date data out of the production system and a lot of money could get saved.

Sure it is not mine and he seems keen about to spend it, but it is really odd seeing about all world is compalining about difficulties but not willing to do their part to improve the overall conditions.
We save by wasting money …. How odd is that?      At least I was able to free several terrabyte of disk space today ….. more

Working with chicks

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Hey my friend, I’m aware that the title of this post might make you smile or even lead your mind into a wrong direction!
But seriously you should not think bad now or even allow your mind to play up about.

What I’m talking here about is serious work and for example working together with a a lady on a common project!!

On Tuesday I was traveling together with even two IT expert ladies on a business trip heading to a workshop at customer side.  The background was a difficult one about tuning a database application which does no longer quick enough. And now looking back I have to say that especially that "mixed" teamwork made a big difference for sure. All day long during the workshop we enjoyed a pleasant, relaxed and winning atmosphere. And even we more or less told the customer that this application is "shit" and need an urgent redesign, we even laughed a lot making the one or other joke with them during our conversations.

For sure I do know and respect both ladies since years, what makes a difference! And they both are real experts in their areas of expertise. But they are also friendly, easy to deal and great team players as well. The time travelling with them was short and I once again recognised that I truly enjoy working in such a "mixed" environment.

Yeah yeah, I see you smiling now …. but once again I’m talking about serious work here!

Try it! Treat those ladies with respect and you will see … even and rarely a few of them might be really "natural blond", most of them are great dudettes, easy to work with and often working harder than men! Especially those I know and sometimes even call a friends of me. 😉


Friday, January 16th, 2009

Dealing with performance issues is always dragging. Now being called as an expert and pleased to join a workshop about advising and solving performance issues is much more "delicate".

Mostly you don’t know all people in advance and the application itself is something totally new. The customers is already upset and grumpy and very often another "expert" has already tried to advise. So preparing for such an workshop always does consume a lot of time. Time you need to get confident about things first. And for sure time to find things not working proper or at least suboptimal to have something back in case no one else … has something to say!

So next week I will head into such a workshop and last few days I did deeply dig a database and did try to find out about the problems this customer is dealing with. Tiring for sure! But also interesting on the other side.

As mentioned you know nothing about the application. You just have the database, their info and indicator and the incoming SQL as for to analyze. Now I haven’t done since a while, but now after investigation I’m once again impressed about what you can find out about …. when you look at things first.

This people do really not know about coding and relational databases. They have quickly ported some "Access" & "Excel" crime soft project into a bigger environment and more users and now feel curious  about why it doesn’t perform as wished.

So from principle it is easy. I already see the way to the end of the tunnel were light does appear again …. Just …. Hm! …. How to tell it the customer without upsetting him immediately? 😉