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Friday, June 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some guy asking for me doing him a website. Now from principle this is fine and what I like. Especially when they come from alone or being referred by some other client of me as it happend this time.

So I gave him a quick ring with the idea to learn more about his needs and wishes.

Only in this chat it turns out the he has first: no real idea about he needs and second: very strange ideas about how much this would be going to cost him. Now I’ve told him that my work has it’s price and in case he would like me to work for him, he unfortunately would need me to pay by my … and not his … rates.

Having said that, I didn’t really expect him to come back to me again. Curiously a week later he contacted me again and we agreed about to meet in person. Now what shall I say? My feeling about him and his abstruse idea seemed to be true and I again did not give it a real thought it could work out nor end in a real deal.

Surprise, Surprise … A few days later he called me telling me about some example page on the net he had found as a design basis for his new pages. I want it like that …. just in blue that is.

Gulp! Ok, anyway I thought … He has now show more than once that he has serious interest I’ve thought and did send him my quote base on that page and content he had referred me to.

And … Surprise again, he called me telling me he would be fine with all and i could start immediately with developping his site.

Now I’m heavily busy creating his pages "similar" but "blue" since a week and still feel amazed about how people do act sometimes and make their decissions sometimes. Now knowing him better, I even found out about that re really had just no idea about …..

Exactly the same

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I need exactly what I had needed last…. You do remember?? That was exactly what a customer told me today……

Hey?!  I am a nerd? A dokumentation writer slave? Did I write this stupid proggy or what?

They only thing I’m able to remember is, that I already last timenearly did bite the table in front of me!
How can someone be that ignorant? Sometimes I really hate my job and in next live I want to become a customer instead. 😐

Working with chicks

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Hey my friend, I’m aware that the title of this post might make you smile or even lead your mind into a wrong direction!
But seriously you should not think bad now or even allow your mind to play up about.

What I’m talking here about is serious work and for example working together with a a lady on a common project!!

On Tuesday I was traveling together with even two IT expert ladies on a business trip heading to a workshop at customer side.  The background was a difficult one about tuning a database application which does no longer quick enough. And now looking back I have to say that especially that "mixed" teamwork made a big difference for sure. All day long during the workshop we enjoyed a pleasant, relaxed and winning atmosphere. And even we more or less told the customer that this application is "shit" and need an urgent redesign, we even laughed a lot making the one or other joke with them during our conversations.

For sure I do know and respect both ladies since years, what makes a difference! And they both are real experts in their areas of expertise. But they are also friendly, easy to deal and great team players as well. The time travelling with them was short and I once again recognised that I truly enjoy working in such a "mixed" environment.

Yeah yeah, I see you smiling now …. but once again I’m talking about serious work here!

Try it! Treat those ladies with respect and you will see … even and rarely a few of them might be really "natural blond", most of them are great dudettes, easy to work with and often working harder than men! Especially those I know and sometimes even call a friends of me. 😉

Projects and their nomenclature

Monday, October 6th, 2008

It is ususal that already longer lasting projects have some inner and situation driven dynamic. This is nothing I mind or wouldn’t been aware about when starting some new job. It is really always and every time the same. First you have to get familiar with folks and their own thinking to then later on being able to understand their requests quickly and finally start to thinking and working for them. 

As one of the most usual consequence of working with a team of different players in projects often a specific nomenclature does arise.  Specific terms and expressions people use to quickly discuss things with others and also often … only insiders will get and understand.

So starting as a new member in an already running project often does mean to learn first about that terms other project member does use first.

Sure, things do repead in their usage. Most likely there is a production, a test and a development environment with cyclically ports or pushes from one environment into another. Also the procedures and quality aspects are clear or will get transparent for you very quickly. And so it is just again about getting familiar with the customer, their needs, dead lines and server/account information … lets say usually …. :-/

Right now I’m rushing into a project everything seems to be crazy at all. Already the count of the database is impressive.Actually there are 39 – all at several terrabytes of size. Perhaps you might get, that already getting a first overlook might take some serious time. Just especially in this project everything seems to be insane.

Not one name or description used in this project is persistent or consistent in it’s usage. There is an old and a new naming schema for everything. As also a customer own and a retail environment, the playground or test, finally the Advanced Testing and Verification Plattform (ATVP) and so on in every major environment …. Oh Boy!

About all that expressions nearly my head starts to hurt.

Usually I get familiar with things really quick. But this time it looks like I have to start writing down my own dictionary to succeed. Really, I must have been crazy accepting this work …..

So called experts!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

I do not try to hide that I mostly try to work together with other experts. Working with someone on a similar skill level has somewhat relieving. And finally when you have taken the first two or three challenges together, working with them often turns out into some pleasure.

All the info and little hints you need and require for a successful and winning work and result are there! Given instantly without the need to ask  and communication in general is reducing to a necessary minimum.

My personal indicator for reaching such a level is the moment when you start to carry on second more personal conversation besides. Over all stress work is coming with, the easy chatting besides helps to deal with stress and timelines … at least for me it does!

Now since a while the audience you met when overtaking new projects has changed dramatically. Folks you know from earlier and value for their thoughtful cooperation once, today are often lost within specialities or suffering like you under a big workload not being able to help anymore.

So there more and more a new generation is coming to act. New "green" folks and so called Application Owner mostly not having any background about the underlaying system and techniques and often only being trained within their application, it’s business requirement and the general dealing and working with it

As a result out of that I often get a requests in a way … Can you do that and that for me please? Best at night when I’m at home!

Grrrr … I really hate these mindless emails! What do they think? … Nothing I guess?!

But the more I hate that their emails mostly even miss all necessary details like server, account and login details and so on.
Or best! Sometimes and even better appear like a new written bible containing 20 or so forwarded email by people which does not really more have to say …. forcing to to read through all just to figure out about you still NEED to know.

Oh damned! Give my back my loved professionals I really enjoy working with please! 😐