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Friday, March 6th, 2009

Last few weeks I was heavily busy doing translations. Now this is curious as for once at school my English teacher told me about he heavily doubt about I will ever learn English. Guess he was right …

It starte all a few weeks ago when a friend asked me for help translating some English content into German language and went on in me recently translation contract stuff forward and backward between languages. I really can’t say it is easy doing for me. Especially I’m aware that it needs to be sustainable "in case".

But the more I do, the more I get used to it  and there is even more to come in a close future. Luckily then again in the easier direction for me from German to English language.

But over all that work I once again recognised how easy it is to make mistakes about and how necessary it is to be clear within your verbal or written message,

Feeding a English speaking friend with copies of email running in German dialog, we from 0 to 100 did run into a discussion. About all the trying someone should be aware that a rough Google online translation or a quick online chat under timepressure is able to transfer the same or similar message than a longer email dialog in a foreign language.

Actually I’m hoping we are overit again … but future will show. And hopefully something nice! 🙂

My new iPhone

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Some one out there tried the Red Wine Cake recipe?   it’s still time to do and worth it 😉

I always was looking at those Apple iPhone with mixed feelings. For sure it does not really need much to convince me about getting some new gadget, but on the other hand I value usefulness and their price before buying anything. But to be honest the biggest hurdle preventing me to buy such an iPhone instantly, were the more or less impertinent expensive T-Online contracts you obligate had to buy together with them. How nice must it be to have some monopoly… And how sad to loose it again! 😉

Now again and again looking for those toys, I recently found out about them now are offered in Italy without a Simlock and even contract. Just I hesitate to buy one over the internet and sending money in advance – to companies which mainly on their pages, does not even publish a contact address.

But asking friends and mates here for help, I found out about a beautiful lady I know was right about heading to Italy a few days ago and quickly asked she promised to pick one up for me there. 🙂

And today with her being back, I guess it will be just hours until I’m able to play with my new baby.
She even promised to come along later and handing it over to me herself. Thats Tops!!

Wireless Hotspot flat?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Lately I made effort to improve my mobile internet connection possibilities. Reading about some offered worldwide hotspot flatrate at 10 Euro/month I couldn’t resist anymore. Especially after I recognised that for example at Boston airport even internet friendly Americans insists in you having some additional carrier contract for sure.

Now travelling the last two day in trains I was for sure keen to test my new connection possibilities while travelling, but even I directly discovered an access point within the ICE my brand new login credentials got refused. 🙁

Ok then I thought and tried the good old UMTS card instead. But also no luck!
So we build spaceships, highspeed trains and stuff … and really are not able to provide some stable and working internet access while driving? Strange, isn’t it?

During the evening then my flatrate did work for the first time and later on in the hotel internet was for free anyway.
Today now back in a slower IC even the UMTS card works fine again. And it seems to be all about speed at the end.

So technique itself seems to work. It just depends on where you are and for sure on the several different contract it needs to have. At the end it seems to be all about money for sure. 😐

DBA Tasks?

Friday, July 18th, 2008

A few days ago I wrote about my different rates, which I have with intention. 😉 For Sure!!

Now today I had an interesting discussion with a customer again. He came with some application installation manual showing me a few pages coming directly behind the "Chapter Overview" and the "Pre-Installation Requisites" telling me about that all would be stuff, I would have to do for him …..

Sure I have a contract with him about database administration, but I smiled and said: Following the service agreement we both have agreed about earlier, this here is not included within the ongoing business of your database.

Just because the manual is telling you that you need an administrative access to the dbms system, it does not necessarily means every little sql script and it’s execution is automatically a "DBA" task for me.

Somewhat baffled, he asked me what then would be included into the contract we both have?! And I said that I’m pretty happy about doing all those things mentioned within our service agreement …. (perhaps he just has to read it again 😐 )

Anyway! Later on we agreed about it’s all additional effort I will charge based on time and material when it’s done and world seemed to be save and found again!

Nevertheless, Guess  I will never understand why people automatically assume it’s "all" included within the dba’s work – just because the 4 or 5 lines instruction about what to do for setting up a proggy is beyond their horizon. (Should I be more carefully with my postings here? Gulp 😉 )