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Friday, July 2nd, 2010

These days I’m travelling a lot! It is a project keeping me busy very all time lately and also bringing me over to a lot of countries, places and cities I’ve never seen so far in my life. But it is not only about flights and place though. In fact, the human factor, meeting new people for the very first time and getting along with them first, to then later on leave within a very good relationship … is what gives me “the kick”!

Next topic at the agenda will be Kiev, Ukraine next week. And it is also a place, I will visit for the very first time in my life.

The info I got in advance, does make me looking forward to this trip very much. But that is not already all of the news really …. Right the week after I will head off again, then even visiting three countries within only one trip. More news to come!

Yeah! So to say: It really could become more dragging than actually. 😉


Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As a result of actually being involved into a european consolidation project I had to travel to Turkey last week.

Last time I was there was back in 1992 and for a duration of 3 weeks. Doing a roundtrip there I had the chance to get quit a good impression about the country itself and the people living there.  What I’ve found there back in 1992 was a very interesting country and a lot of rather friendly people living there. Nontheless many things were different and a lot of them remained strange to me though.

Now this time I’ve headed to Istanbul only and therefore I’m for sure not able to give you an overall feedback of todays situation there. But once again I met very very friendly people there and enjoy my short and sweet diving in there very much.

The general appearance is still the same, but people appeared much more "western" alike today to me. Since years the Turkey is keen and willing to join the EU and the majority of people there really seems to be willing and happy to do.

I had quit a few really enjoyable conversations besides work, even scratching this and a few others similar topics and really enjoyed the ideas and argument I got to hear. Sure, I’ve mostly dealed with people my age and also mainly with folks working in my area of expertise or generally within the IT business. But for my feeling really the general background has changed there.

And therefore thinking about their wish to join the EU I have to say .. why not?

Sure there might be still things not fitting in very well or other things (in our eyes) which still needs to get improved! But I rather like to deal and talk with friendly people again and again, trying to improve or adjust things, than to bounce and maybe turn them grumpy instead.


Taking a breath

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The carefully reader here might recognise that from time to time I’m writing about stuff going on around me … by not really saying it.

Sure, I’m aware of that and I’m not doing it with some bad intention of course. It is just that sometimes things do mix and do contain some personal and private touch I’m not really keen to talk about here and so it happend recently.

Getting in a business request in february and thinking about I again came back to some old idea I had once. Talking about the idea about working together with some friend on it got reality. And today, half the job is done! Ok for us, and we still need feedback about. But I really liked the last few weeks and seeing how well and smooth all has processed in between.

This all has a story behind for sure. And considering about my beginning of the posting today you might get I’m not sharing it with you today. But believe me, just three years back (OMG it’s already three years since then) no one could have thought about it would be possible.

Is it really necessary to write, that I’m happy today? 


Quality Work??

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Now getting work on an appropriate level and quality seems to be not implicitness today anymore. Even when you pay for it all world seems to think it is just necessary to take the money from you.

This week I move a website for a customer to a new hosting provider and part of it was registering a ssl certificate which had to be done by the administrators of the hosting provider. So the customer passed on the info and got charged for installing it …. and when I tried her online shop I had to find out about it does not work because of a missing certificate information.

How can that be???

That was exactly what I asked the hosting business, but so far I did get nothing but excuses from them.

It’s anyway curious. You request hosting by an American Hosting business and helpdesk personal from India is answering you. When you then insist in getting things done, a "Super"-Admin from USA is answering you, then telling that they are sorry about that and that is missing and it is a pre-requirement to full fill you wish first … the wish you told them about and even got charged for it a few days ago.

Honestly, I’m not sure this is the appropriate business to be …. and I’m really happy about I didn’t recommend it to the client, only being hired for the move itself.
Believe me, I’m really happy to pay $US 2 more, but get a real service instead myself!

Learning new things

Friday, February 13th, 2009

All this week was filled up with learning about new things.  I have to confess that I enjoy learning, but also that the frist two days of this specific week were rather tiring.

Not the learning itself, instead of this is was the getting over learning a real new terminology. It were two days filled with theory and theoretically things and my poor head started to hurt about the try storing all away.

But now this has changed and since we have started the practically part of the training ‘m feeling fine again. It is really not I would mind learning, but doing it myself does help me. My brain is a practically orientated mind. Make me doing it and I will understand and even store it away without real effort. I can do it … I can and will remember it … or be able to read and understand it again next time I need it. Nothing in life exceeds a stable basis of knowledge making you able to to understand some given fact in a holistically way, instead of just trying to remember how to do it instead.

And at the end it isn’t really something totally new. One thing for sure! Within IT Business everyone does cook with water only. There is nothing real new. It’s just wrapped in different paper – that is all! 😉

But yeah, now I’m looking forward to the weekend and will for sure enjoy this break … but also feel already excited about the knowledge next week will be about continuing with it again.