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Archive for June, 2009


Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today living in information age someone should think about valid tranport of information and data should be settled fine.

This might be fine for IP packages, SMS or MMS … although I personally do not believe about that is really fine at 100% though.
Right over the weekend I had a hard time making my iPhone receiving MMS messages again. With the now aged OS 2.2.1 I had used SwirlyMMS for it and now upgrading to OS 3.0 and still having messages in it, I’ve decided to give it a go for SwirlyMMS again by neglecting the now build in MMS feature therefore.

Installing SwirlyMMS I’ve got told that I now need to use SwirlyMMS2 and even need to pay $US 6 for the upgrade to it. Now, hm – as mentioned I had prior received messages in it and therefore I did. But wasn’t really prepared the software would make trouble later one though.

Anyway, I got it figured out and finally "nearly" everything does work again like before with the new iPhone OS 3.0 for me.

But after this excurse now coming back to the topic of communication, it even seems to be more complicated dealing with real humans than with bits and bytes instead. Lately I had the feeling rushing into some really unwanted trouble about. Recognising it finally was nearly to late to prevent it though. Getting aware about was same with me using the emmergency brake therefore.

For sure and granted it wasn’t the most pleasant way though. Just the only I one could see and figure at that time.
And I guess soon we will see how easy or not is to fix that communication issue as well ….


Action Radius

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Someone might not beleive, but I still have fun moving my push bike. Consequently I’m using it 2 or 3 time a week doing a few kilometre with it. Even me woudn’t have believe into that, but curious but true, when recognizing your limits you start to wish pushing them higher. So did and do I of course.

It is nothing I really push, but having found my way to deal with it, I plug in my ear plugs, switch on the iPod and start (ummm yeah, no need to tell me!). But it this bit feeling isolated from the rest of the world making the difference. I still hear the cars of course, but my own micro cosmos does give me room to think through things, process them for me and make new plans.

Therefore being busy mostly I did not even recognize that I make process until today.

Starting early I’ve catched up with a friend and did a bigger loop and stopped for a coffee after a distance, last year I would have felt terrible exhausted and tired. Today it was just the first break and even being nearly home splitting up from my friend about I was still ok and nearly felt sorry about. The only part of my body still complaining about is my b…..  – Just I doubt this will ever change though.

But it is not only necessary to exercise, it is also about you recognizing your limits. What I’m not made for is the extreme. In a difference I’m more into continuity. As long I like it, I’m consequent! Perhaps not the best, but who cares …. as long I’m good enough for me that is. And today I felt good! Double the distance that was … Now I’m curious about when I will double it again.


Friday, June 12th, 2009

A few weeks ago I was contacted by some guy asking for me doing him a website. Now from principle this is fine and what I like. Especially when they come from alone or being referred by some other client of me as it happend this time.

So I gave him a quick ring with the idea to learn more about his needs and wishes.

Only in this chat it turns out the he has first: no real idea about he needs and second: very strange ideas about how much this would be going to cost him. Now I’ve told him that my work has it’s price and in case he would like me to work for him, he unfortunately would need me to pay by my … and not his … rates.

Having said that, I didn’t really expect him to come back to me again. Curiously a week later he contacted me again and we agreed about to meet in person. Now what shall I say? My feeling about him and his abstruse idea seemed to be true and I again did not give it a real thought it could work out nor end in a real deal.

Surprise, Surprise … A few days later he called me telling me about some example page on the net he had found as a design basis for his new pages. I want it like that …. just in blue that is.

Gulp! Ok, anyway I thought … He has now show more than once that he has serious interest I’ve thought and did send him my quote base on that page and content he had referred me to.

And … Surprise again, he called me telling me he would be fine with all and i could start immediately with developping his site.

Now I’m heavily busy creating his pages "similar" but "blue" since a week and still feel amazed about how people do act sometimes and make their decissions sometimes. Now knowing him better, I even found out about that re really had just no idea about …..

Two Wheels (rule the world)

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Inspired by some enjoyable chat with a friend about bikes and gear this morning, I headed out of the house around lunchtime to get Suzi out of the garage.

A quick tour and run that was what my mind was looking for. Regardless what others say, think or do … running on a bike rules the world. Two wheels, enough power and a pleasant surrounding does free your head whatever happend first.

It is the pure fun driving, the smooth running engine, the elements around and this tiny little bit of risk and therefore adrenaline what makes the difference of course. Not sitting in an air conditions car instead …. feeling the sun in your neck, the cold wind on top of a summit or plainly the wind blowing up in front of you what does make it special and different … for me.

Anyway having planned to see a friend later I just was planning a quick tour and decided to run light without maps, rain gear and stuff. Since a while maps are only just decoration on top of the tank rucksack anymore and when checking the weather it didn’t looks like rain.

It didn’t ….. Ok, I made it up already to 160km just cruising a few of my favorite tracks around when I spotted a dark and ugly rain cloud lurking for me. Being close to some of my favorite spots, I decided to head in for coffee and ice. Sitting there … thx god for mobile internet … I’ve checked my emails and stuff … had to lines of a funny chat again … and decided to return when the cloud seems have lost interest in me.

Until home it was 50km more to run and having done 10km or so the cloud did trap me from the back. A sweet splash and I had found some dry retreat under a bridge …. bad tonques blaming me ending up under a bridge sooner or later anyway. 😐

Thanks god it needed just minutes to clear up and stop pooring again and I decided quickly about giving it a go trying to return home again. And luckily, it worked out …. last final 40km were even enough to dry me again.

Super quick drying service thats was ….. by he meaning of each word! LOL    You have a nice day as well 😉