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Archive for April, 2009

Ensuring Deadlines

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I’m aware that especially we Germans are nerds when it comes to ensuring deadlines and finishing work we’ve started. But for me a given promise to a customer HAS to be ensured,

Under normal conditions it is no question for me that I will do everything to finish my task in time and more than once Suzi remained in the Garage even when there were splendid conditions outside. Now last weekend I really couldn’t resist enjoying the spring and sun outsides even knowing I have stuff to do with a deadline today.

So all got a bit rough …. But! We’ve (yes .. we, as for I had gorgeous help) finished all in time and now it will be a pleasure to present it to the customer during a meeting scheduled for this afternoon.

That is exaclty how I like it! Thanks Mate! 😉

The long weekend

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Waaaaaaaaahhhhh…… Was that a nice and pleasant long easter weekend this year.

Sun, sun, sun and even more sun on all four days and we really enjoy it very much.

Of course there was the opening of the weekend with another long ride with Suzi on Friday. And can you imagine me looking surprised finding a real new "imagine NEW!!" track in an area I always though I could drive it blind?

A gorgeous short track bringing together two of my favorite bike routes now being combind a real dream of a biker without the need to drive between them on a bigger and crowded fast road heavily used by cars and truck.

You can now stay in the forest and all is green and calm …. that keen that we even scared a deer searching for food next to the track! Poor deer! …. Must have thought idiots are rushing by though.

Saturday then again was some more busy day again with preparing things in the garden and putting plants out of the house again where we had sheltered them during the winter month.

But then again working on saturday was balanced by some relaxed BBQ on Sunday , sitting together and chatting with friends. Finally drifting again in lots of lauging lokking old and age pictures and video clips showing us all a few years younger ….

 Today now with conditions … even forecasted different … there was no question about, me doing a second longer extended ride with Suzi again. 🙂


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Guess, I mentioned it alread?! But actually we have the most wonderful spring conditions here. Sun is shining day by day and mood is raising very much with it. And even the idea tomorrow will not become that nice again, as weather forcast did say does not really change mood again. The overall forecast is expected to be splendid at least until end of Easter.

To be honest I really would like to free a few days and drive away somewhere for a short break from work and errands. Unfortunately my days off are planned already and workload would not allow anyway. But who cares? A stroll through sunny spring and an ice somewhere does count for sure as well. 🙂

Season Opening

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Running my bike on a seasonal license plate for me the season does open on Apr, 1st. Now after 5 month of a break and all the cold and ugly winter weather you might imagine how keen I am ususaly to do the first few hundred kilometres.

Now this year it turned out perfectly. Starting with April the weather turned pleasant and all the weekend we had splendid conditions. Still somewhat fresh during the mornings, but lovely spring conditions during the day later on.

So last thursday evening I decided for the push bike to use. But after finishing all really necessary errands and jobs already friday evening and early saturday morning, all the time besides where "Suzi" time.

Leaving after luch on saturday I dod only 100Km running up and down one of my favorite bike tours here in the surroundings and headed after an ice cream to a school mate, I recently got in contact again after long 28 years we did not met one single time. It was pleasant and nice and we had coffee on their roof terrace out in the sun …. great.

And finally today and early this morning I joined a season opening tour organized by a guy offering guided motorbike tours and I once did make a website for. Not I would need a guide and to be honest I do not really like to rige in a bigger group as for the risk coming out of a gang of people always including a few going over their limits … you know?! Ambitions exceeded Abilities or so?

But today it worked out perfectly and without any hassle and it was pure fun riding up to 300Km and crossing the border to France several time. Should I mention the farmer steak with salad, french fries and heaps of garlic and later on a relaxed coffee and cake out in the sun as well?! 😉

Hey, I rarely remember a more sunny and pleasant season opening like the one this year. Wishing more days like today to come! Thats tops! 😉

First Ride?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

The week is the very first really friendly and sunny one this year. All over pleasant spring conditions and it getting constanly 1 or 2 °C warmer every day. And best news of all is, this conditions shall remain all the rest of the week and all weekend.

Yesterday I hadn’t a chance to do, but today I guess my stand for working will not really last very long and I’m already dreaming about some short working day and heading of for some ride soon.

To be honest I’m not even sure which bike I will prefer then. But does it matter?  Out in the sun … that is the aim! 😉