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Archive for March, 2009

Taking a breath

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The carefully reader here might recognise that from time to time I’m writing about stuff going on around me … by not really saying it.

Sure, I’m aware of that and I’m not doing it with some bad intention of course. It is just that sometimes things do mix and do contain some personal and private touch I’m not really keen to talk about here and so it happend recently.

Getting in a business request in february and thinking about I again came back to some old idea I had once. Talking about the idea about working together with some friend on it got reality. And today, half the job is done! Ok for us, and we still need feedback about. But I really liked the last few weeks and seeing how well and smooth all has processed in between.

This all has a story behind for sure. And considering about my beginning of the posting today you might get I’m not sharing it with you today. But believe me, just three years back (OMG it’s already three years since then) no one could have thought about it would be possible.

Is it really necessary to write, that I’m happy today? 


Waking up Suzi

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

People knowing me are aware about at this time of the year I get nervous. Not for any bad reason of course. Instead it is more the fever of being able to ride my bike again soon.

Ok, since last year I do own two bikes now, but everyone will certainly understand that I’m actually speaking about the real bike for sure. Apr, 1st and the seaon does open for me and as for weather forcast isn’t bad for next week, it was of course a real "must" for me going out and awake Suzi.

Having slept now for 5 month it is always a bit of work getting her alive again. But once again in days I recognized how good it is to know people or things and their little peculiarities.

So knowing abou Suzi does like a slow and smooth start for sure, I went out and did take her out of the garage for fitting in the battery first. The battery was charged all time by a perment battery loader and therefore it was nothing I had to worry about.

Fitting the battery in was done in minutes and being aware about it is a good thingy, I did put the tank valve in "pre" position then strolling for the car and the wires to give Suzi a jump start though.

Even charged the little bike battery did the one or other time not last until Suzi had decided to start the engine again after the winter break and so it got more or less a well known procedure connecting her with the car for the very first start of the engine again.

Having all connected, I decided to wait another half hour or so to give the carburettors (Is this the correct word? I’ve looked it up) a chance to get flooded with fuel. Then finally coming back from a relaxed cup of coffee it needed me 3 or 4 tries and the engine did run.            (comment: Guess neighbors were also happy about!)

And in about two days – given the weather is fine – Suzi and me will be out for the very first ride of this year! Thats tops!


Another Week

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I’m can’t say why and I’m also not sure whether or not I’m the only one feeling that way, but actually I have the feeling that time is flying by. It is like a blink with the eyes and a week has passed and I only recognise it by the weekend is standing in front of the door.

Looks like I’m busy! Am I? 😉     or   ……   Are days just too similar actually?

I wouldn’t say so, as for I’m actually dealing with something new and quit a lot of things recently needed to get arranged, spoken about and brought on track. And even I have the feeling that things now processing exceptional well I can’t prevent me having the feeling that it needs stepping besides though and taking a second to analyze the actual position again.

It wasn’t all easy and especially the start was a bit rough lately. But now two weeks after finally starting with it,  I’m very happy about to recognise that both parties have learned. Not going into details here, I just migh offer that I’m speaking about some kind of reunion and an old idea now seems to work out finally.

Perhaps not really completely following the original old idea, but now perhaps the only possible and working one instead. It is a real pleasure to see the effort both sides are making actually working together and taking care about to prevent old mistakes and irritations today. It is good when you know each other after all, and even better when it really works out. 

The results so far are good and for sure worth all effort. Let’s go on, I’m very keen to see it working!


Freeing Space

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Having a customer insisting in starting a new software project always again with a complete copy of his biggest database, I again and again get the request to free disk space from him afterwards.

I’m not sure how often i said to him that this doing is sense and meaning lessand in it’s follow does end in a hugh ressource consuption and a lot of man power cleaning things up later on again. Anyway, he always comes up with the argument that he needs most recent data to be sure his programs would work as wishes and designed for. But at the end it means me running over all and checking the systems for waisted and orphaned stuff.

Not that I would mind in general – as long as he pays me I’m in principle fine with it – but being faced with such an odd and boring day reviewing all I again and again think about this can’t be true. One time made the effort to think about a few clever routines extracting just the necessary and needed up2date data out of the production system and a lot of money could get saved.

Sure it is not mine and he seems keen about to spend it, but it is really odd seeing about all world is compalining about difficulties but not willing to do their part to improve the overall conditions.
We save by wasting money …. How odd is that?      At least I was able to free several terrabyte of disk space today ….. more


Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Did I already mention that I hate to deal with content?

Give me a program to install or upgrade, a technical problem to solve, a proggy to write or perhaps just a script to fix and I will love it. For sure I might start calling the system perhaps a stupid metal nerd or something like this. But at the end I will love it and not mind making effort to make it "behave".

Unfortunately since weeks I have the feeling to be again and again forced to deal with content and longer text passages. Reworking, formatting or translating them forward and backward all day long.

Sure that is not really true (at least not all the day), but the way I feel actually and I really could need some change. Especially as for the most time besides it needs me to read through manuals and release notes actually.

Isn’t there someone out needing a helping hand with something fancy instead?

…. I really would not mind an interesting break actually. 😐