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Archive for February, 2009

A Nice Weekend?!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Speaking about a nice weekend and keeping the time of the year in your mind, you might get I’m speaking about some sun and the hopefully first spring like weekend this year. Since day all the weather forcasts do not get tired about promising us a nice, pleasant and sunny weekend and now I’m really keen to see it happens.

It’s anyway time now for the weekend to come and in finally a few hours it will have arrived. But looking back the last few days I can’t really complain. The work I have done last weekend seems to work out. and even the idea that I will have to spend a few hours on sunday helping two friends with stuff does not really change my mood.

Even the background might be "work" like, dealing with friends is always a pleasure for me. I’m just carefully thinking about how "many" people I really do call friends. 😉

At the end I still have to ensure I’m able to deal and cope with them ….LOL

So back to the weekend … A sunny one! Great!!    Hopefully this last few march weeks will pass on soon also and I will be able to move my Suzi again. She has anyway slept long enough now (lazy thingy!). But perhaps I should use the hopefully really arising sun and the weekend to give her a frist check already?!

My neighbor will like for sure …..  😐

A sunny Day

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Today we have a fresh (no longer really cold) and overall sunny day here. I’m not sure about it is the only reason,but I’m in an overall happy mood today.
So far there wasn’t something really exciting but from time to time I like smooth days just floating along without hassle or excitements.

Since a while it will the also the first evening I’m not planned to do something already and I hope about me will be able to dig into a few things I’m curious about since a while and keen to learn and understand about them. Yeah, I know …. you might think about that as odd …. but I hardly really can slow down not giving my brain something feeling fancy about. Even it might be just something to read and study about.

Today my brother told me that he has ordered some new gadget for him and that is another thing I’m looking forward too, as for it will open the door to some new technical challange tweaking it directly after it arrives. 😉

Yeah, yeah …. no need to tell me. I’m a nerd when it comes to technical things, I know about. Give me something to play with and I’m happy 🙂

Carnival again

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

As for it is carnival season here again I get up in my mind that it is now over a year since I have started this blog here.

And … yeah, I’m ware i neglected it a bit lately and I may beg your pardon not blogging here frequently as ususal. But it was not the carnival keeping me away! Instead I was busy with a training and a lot of "paper" and "contract" stuff besides.

As usually when you are busy, other people as well seems to think they "need" you and insist put a bit on top of your actual "load". But in this case I’m happy about and today having all the first work done …. I might be able  to lean back a bit and hopefully picking up a bit fun and joy out of this last carnival season day here today.

How are you? By getting aware i haven’t had feedback here since age, I would not mind the one or other new comment for sure! 😉

A busy week

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I’m aware that I neglected things here a bit only posting one time this week, but as an excuse I might be allowed to mention that I had an overall busy week so far.

Not only the daily training lessions itself kept me busy. Repeading all the new knowledge during the evenings for better remebering it laster was both tiring and exhausting for me this week. It was a rather new world I’m actually diving in and all the used terminology was specific and widely new for me.

Curious some of the used expressions were familiar, but at the end used in a different meaning to the one I was familiar with already. But now I’m keen to work with my new knowledge and finally figure out about how well I have learned and stored it away.

A few other unexpected things happend as well, but so far I see them as rather pleasant. Especially as for they might end in a chance to work together again with a close friend and best of all help to improve my friends situation which has recently turned a bit rough and difficult.

But now it’s time for me to relax and lay back a bit, being able to look forward to a hopefully pleasant weekend catching up with friends tomorrow evening. 🙂



A bit of everything

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Today right in the middle of my second week of training I feel a bit of everything. Still excited about heading into something new, keen to learn all that new stuff, but also a bit tired and exhausted by trying to store it away with the hope to be able to remember it later on.

As known before it is a totally different world and even many things sounds similar …. gone into details it is all very specific for exactly their way to use it. And so at the end it is about both, bringing in your old knowledge and work with it, adjusting a bit for the new, but also accept that many things are … just different.

I still think about the atmosphere there as very winning and all the people there are very friendly. After one and a half you do now also know the other seminar participiants a bit better and talking and exchanging besides has become more intensive as well.

So at the end I have a good time learning about that SAP actually. It is just that in sum all together it is more tiring me as usually and with a few other things going on around I will not feel grumpy about diving back in usual work next week again.

But yeah, by the topic and by my made experiences, I’m sure about I will head there again. It is still 99,9% left to discover of this New World.;-)