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Language issues?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Whenever I write in English, I’m using my second language. Therefore I’m used to write carefully by being aware I never will really do it right … But recently I got two curious feedbacks about making me really wondering about.

Yesterday a fellow wrote me an email with the wishes: Could you quickly send me the sqlstatements for creating two database links between the following Oracle Databases?! Hey! Every stupid nerd could get this syntax in seconds by querying Google for it.

Knowing this I made effort figuring out about why he could have trouble creating these connections and found out about missing TNSNAMES.ORA definitions and created them for him. Being carefully I even created one database link myself successfully and finally wrote back  …. I did blablabla and tested it myself with success. Use the following generic syntax and replace the keywords with appropriate values.

His answer was … I perfectly know the syntax, but have trouble with these two database links now …. Didn’t I wrote I’ve prepared it all?! 😐
Honestly?? Is it me or just him too lazy to read?

The other feedback was as curious as well …. A few days before I’ve wrote about Teamviewer here and passed on a similar info a list. Menioning it’s free for personal usage, within my next line I wrote about it’s handy to check things on a customer PC or MAC from remote! Why does someone then implicitly think I would suggest using this tool in a commercial environment without paying for it first?! 😐

Honestly …. the German Language is much more exact about such things! Is it me, my English or perhaps the language itself?  Or hey my friend! Does it may just need you … thinking one or two more seconds about my lines? 😛


Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Someone could think that I turned a bit lazy posting here?! And indeed recently I did not really feel in mood making effort thinking about things to write here.
Guess it id forced by our constant cold and ugly conditions here ….

On the other had i was busy with a few things and especially did spent time helping a friend with a few issues on his office pc. Curiously it more or less was some selfhealing thingy. I came, powered the system on and it did run fine and smooth again. 🙂

But on another note, I recently  found a cool and easy to use remote control solution which is offered for free and even allow to access systems behind firewalls. Yeah, yeah … no need to mention. I’m awarethis is a big security issue and another nightmare for all network and security admin.

But using it to help a friend or quickly look at a customer’s PC seeing what the customer is seeing or not, I really think about it as a great tool.
Check it out for free here: Teamviewer. It even connect different systems (MAC/Windows) reliable for you.

various things

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Today I’ve worked most of the day outside the house cleaning and tidying up a bit. Not that that would be some favorite work of me! But today I didn’t mind as for it was a mild and sunny day and after all those weeks of ugly and cold conditions, sun and fresh air outside immediately lifted my mood. You really can feel that your body and brain are suffering for that bit of a change and I reallydo hope winter will be over soon.

During this last week I also had to deal with some nasty Trojan and Spyware on my main Windows Workstation. For years now I had no trouble with that anymore and being on MAC since a while I nearly had forgotten about such things exists first. But related to my researches looking for tools for to use dumping my SMS messages from my old mobile phone I had touched the one or other questionable site and surely one of them did honor this with infecting my workstation with Virtumonde (e.q. Virtumondo, Vundo or MS Juan).

Boy I tell you that is really nasty stuff! First I’ve tried it with the ususal Antispyware tools and Virus Scanner like F-Secure, Avast, Avird, Spybot and Ad-Aware, but even they reported it … None of them was able to remove it finally!!

It is a real shame that all of this products failed and even the knowledge about is is some really clever coded Malware can not balance that. I’m glad about I’m not really depending on this system and so I had the chance to "play" with this situation for a few days running the one or other search and tool over the system … without success! But when I was nearly about to incline and give up going to reinstall the system from scratch, by coincidence I found the info about some really great and free spyware removal tool. It is called Combofix and can get downloaded from that side here:

I used it in German version and I’m not really aware about there is an English equivalent available, but impressively it did the job within minutes while all others scanned and failed for ages. Whoever this might read desperately looking for help removing Vundo … Feel free to contact me in case you should have trouble with the German dialog. I will not mind speaking you through it. It is worth it for sure!

Getting this fixed again my mood already started to lift, but finally the info about some free and ready to use Navigation System (GPS) for the iPhone available through Cydia (, which I immediately did install and test successfully, made the difference and the weekend could start! 😉

Sure, this xGPS is no real replacement for normal GPS, but given the case you are on the road with a rented car or desperately in need to get your direction, I’m sure about you will feel happy about having such a "light" version GPS at hand. Guess it will be hand on the motorbike as well putting the iPhone on top of the fuel tank in front of you.

Thinking about, I guess that were all of the actual news to share …. except the rather good news about: My fishes out in the pond did survive! Yeah!!! Thats Tops 😉


Working with chicks

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Hey my friend, I’m aware that the title of this post might make you smile or even lead your mind into a wrong direction!
But seriously you should not think bad now or even allow your mind to play up about.

What I’m talking here about is serious work and for example working together with a a lady on a common project!!

On Tuesday I was traveling together with even two IT expert ladies on a business trip heading to a workshop at customer side.  The background was a difficult one about tuning a database application which does no longer quick enough. And now looking back I have to say that especially that "mixed" teamwork made a big difference for sure. All day long during the workshop we enjoyed a pleasant, relaxed and winning atmosphere. And even we more or less told the customer that this application is "shit" and need an urgent redesign, we even laughed a lot making the one or other joke with them during our conversations.

For sure I do know and respect both ladies since years, what makes a difference! And they both are real experts in their areas of expertise. But they are also friendly, easy to deal and great team players as well. The time travelling with them was short and I once again recognised that I truly enjoy working in such a "mixed" environment.

Yeah yeah, I see you smiling now …. but once again I’m talking about serious work here!

Try it! Treat those ladies with respect and you will see … even and rarely a few of them might be really "natural blond", most of them are great dudettes, easy to work with and often working harder than men! Especially those I know and sometimes even call a friends of me. 😉

The moment of truth

Monday, January 19th, 2009

The moment of truth is close! Earth and all mankind will be …… LOL

No, I have to pity you! I neither know more than you, nor I’m a religious fanatic praying the end of the world here.

Lately I wrote here about my poor fishes out in the pond sticking helpless in the frozen pond since over two weeks now. But recently over the weekend we got some relief from the frost and temperatures have increase again and therefore there is now hope again.

Unfortunately higher temperatures during winter do not necessarily means better conditions at the end and in a fact it has has become even more wet and ugly outside instead. The days maximums are now above zero and snow and ice are melting away again.

Checking things out in the backyard I guess it will need another one or two days and the ice will be finally melted away, for me then finally being able to check life out there in the pond again. 😐

Hopefully there will be no need to thank you god for fishes have no voice! And I will find my fishes in good conditions or at least living again. Right now I can just hold my breath and press thumbs for them though.

But finally coming back to my joke at the beginning of this post ….. Another evil and a real pain in the butt is about to leave as well and will finally retire tomorrow. Leaving the job and handing it over to a real ray of hope for millions of people including me. I really can’t say that would  feel sad about. In a difference to that I’m looking forward to it since month (… years) and will for sure immediately, after the news has spread out, open a good bottle of wine to celebrate this event appropriate. 🙂