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Archive for November, 2008

Christmas Markets

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

The season has opened again and as for our area here is famous for it’s lot of Christmas Markets around we …. for sure visited one today. As for the reason we missed them last year we directly went to the most beautiful here and really didn’t got disappointed.

It was even bigger and more beautiful than we remembered it and strolling over it was good fun. Roasted chestnuts, candy, sausages and Glühwein …. Does it need more?

As you might imagine, the overall mood there was good and all the lights, the shiny and nice to look at handcrafted stuff kept us busy for a while and right when we wanted to leave we nearly bumped together with some former classmate of my wife.

Sure we couldn’t leave then anymore and we all straight headed into a cafe having a nice and pleasant chat there. And after all those years passed in between school there was a lot to talk about for sure. 😉

“Ask The German”

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Recently I was talking and kidding with some friends and suddenly a new idea was born. Together we decided to make effort creating some knowledge blog in which we commited us to blog little knowledge snip sets from time to time.

Speaking about and doing it was one thing and since a few weeks we are collection knowledge there. Unfortunately it looks like one of the three does not really have the motivation and passion of the others. But even with the just two of us it makes fun though.

But now with a few articles online I thought about to unveil it here as Ask The German with the idea to hopefully get some feedback about. Learning how others think about this idea as good or not.

ps: Feel free to comment either here … or there!

Down Under Map

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I’ve recently received some little gift originating from the other side of the world.
It’s a Gregory’s Down Under Map of the World 161 6th (folded) and I really do like and appreciate it very much. It was and is some very thoughtful thingy to send me. Thanks a lot!!

So being very much pleased with it, I went for a frame and did finally put it on the wall in my office yesterday.

Is there a need to tell that everybody coming along since then, first is looking at it and making a comment about. They all think about it as very different and a refreshing new way to see and understand world and it’s relations. 🙂


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Recently it has become cold here. Since the weekend temperatures have dropped a lot and are now even over the day close around 0°C. This morning we had frost outside and on Sunday we had even the very first taste of snow for a few hours until weak sun actually archived to melt it away again.

Honestly I would not need the cold season anymore. As I child I had lots of fun playing out in the snow, but today I see it widely as a hassle. Who does need to shovel snow and bying winter tyres really?

Since I know there are places in world now having sommer I’m more and more falling in love with the idea to look for some 2nd place to be during these time of the year. Closing down things here and heading off to a 2nd summer each year seems to be a more than tempting idea!

Guess I should work harder on making it a reality and real option soon … 😉



Monday, November 24th, 2008

Changes and in general changing things around  you can keep you busy for sure. Many people do even not like them in general and prevent to change something or anything whenever possible.

Personally I see "changes" more different. What topic is changing? What impact will it have for me?

What I really don’t like is changing things just for the sake of having changed something. Best without reason and later on without any visible, recognisable or measurable result. Just changed and different later on. Never touch a running system without need! And especially on a personal human basis I try to prevent them and very much appreciate some human stability. 

On the other hand changing situations, conditions or whatever  … always go along with new opportunities and chances to bring you in or improve things for you. So blocking them in general would mean and end you staying still and missing things.

And therefore whenever confronted with a change – wished or not wished – I start the try to see and find some positive aspects about this change. How can I use this changing situation for my personal interest best?

Now recently being confronted with quit a few changing things at the same time, the last few days I found myself very busy introverted spending time with thinking about and getting a feeling for all. Once again wished or unwished, and a few things we can’t influence anyway ourselve …. in combination together I see it as chance – for me. And time will certainly tell me about. 😉