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Archive for October, 2008

Feeling sick

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Now it looks like I’ve finally got a cold. It started slowly on wednesday and got finally worse yesterday. So with a messy headache and all the other nice stuff I’ve decided to stay in bed today. Not sure how long this intention will last though.

Guess this Helloween for me is over even before it really started. But still wondering about my friend Wilf could be right with his comment about we exported it to the USA instead.

Hey Wilf? By the way … What do you mean with our ancestors? I couldn’t remember one of mine would have ever did wear a kilt?!


Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Living in Germany Helloween never ever was a topic for me. Besides knowing it out of a  few movies occasionally  showing dressed up kids walking around and asking for candy and a few oversea contacts mentioning it, it always remains a funny but strange behavior for me.

Now since a few years the shops here have started to sell Helloween stuff as well  ….

Me always wondering about who really would need that to buy that, last year I was very surprised seeing two little ghosts and a bit of a pumpkin decoration at home.

Also our German kids seems to like it and once again it looks the Americans have archived to export some of their good stuff (like Hamburgers, Windows, root beer, Dr. Pepper Coke and KFC …. ) to us. 😐

Nevertheless receiving some Helloween greetings today was fun indeed. It is still not like I would care about this Helloween. But seeing someone making effort, even sending greetings to people living in oversea is great. And specially in this case when exchange isn’t really that much though it values double!!

Perhaps I should now mark down this Oct, 31 for sending greetings myself next year?!! 🙂

Winter tires

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

switching my cars to winter tires usually  is one of the last tasks to do for me in a long list of activities preparing my stuff for the coming up winter season. Usually around mid or end of november when all the other things around the house are already done.

 Since two years it is even official law running on winter or all season tires at this time of the year and insurances often making their point about when being forced to cover damage. I’m not really having an issue with that. It was always was my thinking that using appropriate gear in every situation is the best thing preventing trouble. And so I’m using a 2nd set of tires for all my cars since ages.

Now this year it is different. Being lazy lately I more enjoyed the last sunny conditions whenever possible and still need to prepare all the backyard including the pond (brrrrrrrrrrr … I was sure I will regret it!). But since days now weather forcast is annoning cold conditions and even snow soon. So against all experiences I collected before, I gave the winter tires an early go this year and looking at the backyard  …. this weekend or never! In case snow comes really early this year, I guess nature has to help itself then. 😉

I’m anyway no big fan of winter season. Sure, for a few days and with clear and sunny conditions snow can be something nice.
But given a chance I would immediately swap my winter with the summer of someone else. Any takers?!


64bit Operating Systems

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Now 64bit Operating System versions aren’t a really new thing at all. It was during the late nineties when I first worked on 64bit Hardware and everything was settled fine. Today then years or so later when I really came over the point installing my PC system new to get a new and clean installation I’ve decided for a 64bit Windows version to be finally able to gain all benefits of my modern hardware ….. someone should think!

Isn’t it curious that all big computer manufactorer still use 32bit XP or Vista on their brand new boxes?

Now I finally know about the reason. Take a fine running Windows 32bit and try to install it with a 64bit version and you will see half of the hardware is not ready installed afterward. And hunting down all those 64bit device drivers to complete the installation seems to work out into some real challenge – if not finally impossible at the end! 

A Scorpion Day

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Most time of the year I’m a very relaxed and easy going person …. but be aware the day my real scorpion natures comes through. It is fun that most people knowing me often even don’t believe me when I’m telling them about. But given the right day, the situation and the necessary ignition and I can turn into some real mess. Regardless the person I’m dealing with actually – it is the situation and not the person in front of me making me upset.

Yeah, and so it did happens yesterday. Thanks god it was over again right 5 minutes later and I calmed down again immediately as quick as I got annoyed before. Nevertheless I hate myself afterwards and there was nothing but to excuse myself later on. 😐

So be carefully with that scorpions …. sometimes they prick ….