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Archive for September, 2008

Parallels Desktop

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Being familiar with VMWare Virtualization Software since years, switching over to a Mac as my preferred  laptop was also looking for new stuff and finally brought me to Parallels Desktop. It isn’t that expensive and I’m anyway and always looking for new and fancy stuff.

Installing and working with it was easy and I first gave it a test ride with Windows XP … flawless and easy and especially the coherency mode did attract me much.

Principally being lazy but always seeking for and looking into technical challenges I thought about the XP as boring and started digging into it’s’ options and possibilities a bit deeper. A Parallels Transporter?! Now that sounds interesting!!

Reading it and using it was once and … sad but true … absolutely easy to use. I’ve started it, connected it to my Laptop with Vista on it and right a hours lates I was able to start up my Vista System as a Paralles Workstation on my MAC. It just … worked …. too easy! …. and what about FUN and CHALLENGES?!

Golden Autumn

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

This weekend we had all the most beautiful autumn conditions. Two days sun pure.

Saturday when I did finally awake, I still felt tired.  🙁
Certainly forced by getting to bed more than latley the two days before. Thursday is was for work and Friday because of being invited for dinner by a fellow who is about to retire actually. Nearly you can say that he is now about to enjoying the ‘Golden Autumn’ of his life! 😉

But back to saturday! Feeling tired I first got up first around 11am, but looking out of the windows I was immediately was sure about this would become a day totally free from all duties. And directly after breakfast I went for Suzi, which I had again neglected for several weeks. Being aware she would show me! … I was happy about to hear the engine starting already after the third try and we had all the best and enjoyable ride through gorgeous looking autumn like colored forest.

Today now I move the second bike (the push bike) and again we had a beautiful day out in nature doing a lap through several smaller towns close by making it nearly up to 50km finally. Two sunny days, two sunny and enjoyable trips. Thats Tops! 🙂

Guess when I now would go for some convertible, I would have to send government some petition about to extent our weekends here with at least one more day! For me being able to move all ‘options’ during one weekend. roflmao


Friday, September 26th, 2008

We all know how memories – bad or good – influences our moods, feelings and even our health. Just I guess we are often not really aware about how much they do!

Recently while using my iPod I recognised that whenever I listen to a specific song my mood raises up instantly.
I immediately feel better and even start running around with a stupid smile on my face for no reason while listening to that song.

Sure I recognised that and felt curious about … but I had no idea about why this happens.

Now this week by coincidence I found out about the reason. Certainly it was forced by it wasn’t a real number one song at all and therefore I was not instantly able to remember that I’ve once used it as background music for one of my videos.

So it wasn’t the song itself. But the memories about places and folks and the good time I had their as for the reason making me feeling better at all. Glad it was a nice one though …. hey, where is my iPod right now?!!


Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Since years I use GoDaddy as a reliable and cheap registrar. Once brought there by a suggestion of a friend I’ve never had anything to complain about their service …. until yesterday.

Having moved some domain I needed to update the nameserver info of this domain and entered the GoDaddy pages for it.
One domains needs renewing!! Yeah, I did know about anyway and it was right this domain I had moved before.

So I choosed renewing right out of the menue tree below the login and did throw the domain in into the shopping cart.
One domain for one year $US 9,99 – together $US 9,99 – total invoice $US 10,19 …. ummmmm

What the hell is that? I asked myself: Didn’t I do well enough at school? Did I miss something? Is this some kind of special American way to calculation I’m not aware about??

Anyway I decided to ignore that and therefore headed on changing the nameserver instead. Having done that I thought again about renewing the domain and did select it now out of the domain overview.

Perhaps the one year only? Lets try again with two years instead ….

One domain at $US 19,98, todays price $US 18,76, fee $US .40  – total invoice 12,83  ????  ….. gulp 😐
Come on boy! What is that? You’re going to drive me crazy? What do they do? Using dices to estimate my total payment?

It needed me a while to I figure out is was a mix of  $US and Euro shown up here and everything was quit ok though.
But you believe me that I hate such inadequate business behavior? Pages not pointing out things clearly! grrrrrrrrr


ps: Right now my new gadget was delivered by UPS!! (It’s playtime now ….. yeaaaaaaaaaaah!)

working part time as a pain in the butt

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

When I did read the line above the first time I had a good laugh about it. I liked it that much that I immediately did store it away somewhere within my brain and later on I recognized that for some "hopefully" just tiny little reason I would not fit bad into such job a description.

Being aware that I’m a difficult person to deal with sometimes I generally do not mind someone coming up with the honest and open statement that I’m for more than one reason being able to drive folks nuts.  Often later on people being used (or forced) to work with me do tell me that my way to work by strictly enforcing quality and timelines often turns out somewhat tiring for them. But finally me re-querying everyone and everything again and again until I’m convinced by facts often does appear as the ultimate spleen.

So yeah, working as a pain in the butt seems to be some part of my personality … at least part time. 😉

So Folks! Whenever you see such a job offered …. tell me about! I’m da man for it …. 🙂