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Archive for August, 2008


Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Traveling is what I do actually and confessed … one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Now I can not travel all year long, as it is for sure some money issue coming with it. But given the choice I rather do prefer one long and extended trip instead of doing several smaller trips spread over the year.

I need that long time being away from all, freshing and cleaning my mind from all and filling it up with new and exciting memories. Give me a car (or something else to move) an new area and a different new place to discover each day and I will feel happy!

But by that fact, I do know that I’m no easy traveling companion! Being able to drive some less active "traveling" person than me nearly insane. But it is exactly that easy cruising and being in motion all time … taking things easy and enjoying them as they come, which gives me pleasure and finally distance from work and stress.

Honestly, there is just one time looking back,  I’m still sorry and grumpy with myself about me not having slowed down and taking more time enjoying being together with a close friend I was catching up for the first and so far last time.

Instead of slowing down as sensefully I kept the whole family moving with me nearly for a whole week and directly when leaving I got aware about it was wrong.

But hey! I like travelling! I will come back promised and then we will take all time of world to complete what we have started once. 😉

This time I made it up over into Uncle Sam country and I really do like it very much. People are exceptional friendly and landscape is gorgeous. The car is running well and fuel is cheap (at least compared with at home) … Do I need more?

Yeap, give me someting exciting to discover tomorrow. 😉

Going on tour

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

It’s about time, gotta go, take care, speak soon …

Green IT

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

I guess it was about time fitting in something truly good topic like caring for our all environment also into marketing areas like the IT business. Forcing a closer look at things again and aiming the start of re-querying bad and old behavior from once.

Green IT is more than just another new marketing gag companies now use to sell there actual new and modern hardware!

Even it may appear that way at first …. Energy Awareness is an must requirement and need for me today.

Besides traditional MHz or Mips, now power consumption, issues free standby and sleep functionalities of the used  OS have to become a reasonable arguments to answer the question whether or not to buy a specific hardware model, brand or software.

Years ago I have read some article pointing out about worlds’ overall electrical energy consumption was raise by 10% since the invention of  the Personal Computer System – short PC.

Millions of PCs … and often never powered off for just and pure convenience issues!

Sure it is smart when for a quick email check I only have to power on the LCD. The system is already up and running and it needs me just a few seconds to stay in touch with the whole world …. confessed that at some stages permanent running systems offering infrastructure services is a must requirement ….

But does it need to be more than one system per household? Does it need all the periphery running as well all the time? Does it need to be the most energy hungry system of all … Dad’s Power PC with chrome stripes and stars?

Do you know that in big data center the cooling and environment conditioning does need up to 3 or 4 times the energy all systems do need for their operating?

What about that million old server system out there in central computing center just not powered off because they are ignored and no longer used since ages? Running on money of big companies just turned too ignorant for it, as for shareholder value is the only thing what counts?!

Green IT has to become a general concern of all of us. Starting with those private users, heading over to small businesses and finally addressing CEO’s of big companies …. all “deciders” …  users, system developer, manufacturer and finally the big industrial consumer have to be AWARE today.

Little Surprises

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Often it does not need much …. and as more unexpected it is, the more fun and joy it will bring.

On Monday an oversea friend of mine had her birthday. Now even living a few thousand kilometer away I think about them as good and close friends. So for sure postal services had to do some work (nothing special, just that bit of attention making the difference) lately.

Nontheless I had the idea to give her a call and so basic math dealing with time delays did start. When can you call someone at earliest on a normal working monday? Will there be a public holiday you could disturb on?

Anyway, in case there is a will some clever mind will make it through all and using a phone really isn’t a challenge at all … at least for most of us.

To dial the number was easy and then the tension reached the maximum …. to eases immediately when the exactly right person did take the call! No need to say we had a quick and nice chat then.

Just a few valuable and rare minutes though. Day had already started there… But ended with the given promise to do soon again…

It is so much of a difference to hear and speak with someone, even when you frequently stay in contact by email or chat.

But thats not the major aspect of all. At same stage it might not even possible to talk for some reason e.q. the missing ability to speak a language for example.

Often just small things make a big difference. This one second expiring the “unexpected” does make the difference. One day I still remember very well, I opened the letters shipped two weeks ago and nearly about 14000Km away. Something small for sure, but intended to honor friendship …. until today I keep it like a treasure. At least for me it is ONE!


Monday, August 18th, 2008

Humor is something really essential to me. A good laugh every day and not taking yourself nor anyone else too serious is a basic need for myself to survive.

Be carefully! Now that “humor thingy” is in fact somewhat difficult to deal with. Not everyone does like humor nor can deal with nasty or cheeky comments. And given the fact, that as older I turn, the more nerdy I become … the more and more I have to carefully consider to whom I make fun.

Since my english has improved (given the fact there might be some people out there thinking different about) I more and more like this “dry” and “subtil” british kind of humor.

Things which are not obvious at first and therefore forcing you to think about. That more difficult version of humor I mean ….. Although I have to say that a few “british” joke are a bit too filthily for my feelings though! 😉

ps: I had a good laugh about that warning sign this morning.