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Archive for July, 2008

It’s late now, I will go home …

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Sometimes I think I’m doing something wrong in my life…..

Like lately I was right about finishing work for that day when a call reached me about a corrupted database to fix … Yeah, thats exactly what I’m dreaming about when planning to finish work!

OK, someone should not complain I thought and promised to help. But the next surprise was that they were telling me I have to wait with the repair until their business hours would have ended (the database is located at the east coast of the USA so +6 hours for me). Easy math was telling me that would mean 2am for me …. gulp

Anyway! No problem I thought and started to work on a few smaller things, had dinner and even tried to enjoy some movie. Ok, it wasn’t what I had expected for the evening but not too bad at all. Just the best of all was when the guy called me with the "Go" for the recovery and directly told me … I will leave you with that going home now, it’s late here already.

What does he think? Is he assuming I could have slept in between????? What am I doing wrong? 😐

The Mojave Experiment

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Following some news, Microsoft today has unveiled a site reporting about some so called Mojave Experiment.

Regarding to their own statements they recently invited 120 well known critics of Windows Vista and showed them a 10 minute video about new features of their brand new operating system development project with codename "Mojave".

By their own word 90 percent of the probants shall have directly felt happy and excited about all new features shown in this video…. features of an operating system which does not even exisit!

In reality they had shown them already exisiting features of Windows Vista everyone can already use today …. :-/

Sure this is not much more than a "cheap" advertisement approach with the aim to push there still not really accepted Windows XP successor Vista. But on the other had it shows dramatically the value of some critique – it’s easy to write what people does like to hear ….

More about the experiment background shall be published soon at the Mojave Experiment pages in a few days.

Even it is a funny idea, I’m personally not sure the world does need such tricks at least used more than one time – but perhaps  I’m the only one thinking that way?!

Coloured Notebooks?!

Monday, July 28th, 2008

"They’ve stolen the idea" was first I thought when I got aware about the brand new Dell Studio – Laptop advertisement.
Just three days more and you can get your own one … I personally would like a green or red one 😉

Sure, sometimes it needs a while until companies do learn out of the success story of some competitor. But finally since "iPod era" has started, companies should know about people do love and pay for some individualism.

Finally with people are willing to pay more for some "red" iPod not offering at least one benefit or technical detail more than it’s blue, green or black siblings, colour DOES make a difference today for sure.

So the only point amazing about, for my feeling is that it needed that long at the end tough. Today’s usual grey or black notebook look is out and finally not enough anymore. Those styles make your brand new "baby", even when bought yesterday, appearing like an old and aged dinosaurs now.

Now looking closer at the Specs these new coloured laptop generation … They seems to be far way more than just "coloured gadgets" and even offered at a reasonable price – at least when you compare them with things like the ASUS eeePC and it’s clones.

Yeah, the future is COLOUR …. and I could not say I’m grumpy about! 😉

Masters of planning and organization ….

Friday, July 25th, 2008

All today I’m working together and for a company running a real big application move from remote. When ask about in front they said that they will do all the planning their selves. Great I thought, but stayed dumb not going the risk making them grumpy.

At the end I really got some planning two days ago and after a few iteration of asking and answering even I thought we could work with it.

Today now work started rough as for a few preconditions weren’t ready and done, but after half an hour we were back in plan and everything looked fine. Just "looking" and "being" are two different things ….

The few minor hurdles came up for sure during the morning, but this is normal and nothing to mind and worry about in such a project. Even with the best planning in advance you can’t think about all and it depends on the coordinator and/or players to cruise and steer around.

But finally the best of all happend around lunchtime. Right around noon we had planned to stop some application and export/re-import a real big database. So I dialed in into a phone conference as scheduled and found myself alone there. 😐

Right 15 minutes later the accountant of the customer dialed in and asked " What are we doing right now?" and I answered "Waiting?!" Perplexed He asked why and I said "Personally I guess your guys are at lunch … hopefully food is good there …."

Then there was silence!!        roflmao

Couldn’t resist anymore ….

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I guess most of you now know out of my earlier postings that I recently bought a MBP.

Me and a MPB? Now this sounds curious indeed and there were for sure a few curious view and question I had to stand. But I really wanted to find out about why others think about them as better, by enjoying something new at the same time.

Not really being sure about I later would like it, deciding for a specific model was a someway hard job for me.

Wanting it portable and being aware that buying too small or modestly never is a good choice, the smaller Macbook wasn’t a choice for me ever. On the other hand this large and heavy 17" chopping board seemed a bit to oversized to me. Thinking about to carry it together with cameras and stuff all time during vacation trip gave me some nightmares for sure.

So I finally focusing on a 15" model and looking into the specs, I decided about it is not worth to buy the bigger one. Everything added it more, except the video card memory, easily could added in later by myself easily.

So happy with me and my choise I finally bought the smaller 15" MBP and right from the first second I liked and enjoyed working with it. Getting familiar with it was easy doing and therewith set and found I recently decided to switch over with my video cutting projects to it as well.

Knowing about memory would become an issue then, I checked the Apple pages for more RAM… and found out about their horrible 😐 prices!! …..  Checking specs of RAM chips I quickly was sure about normal SO-DIMM would do. So finally yesterday on my way home I made a d-tour visiting a local hardware shop and buying two normal 2GB 667 SO-DIMMs (less than half the Apple offer).

Shortly half a hour later they were fit in and working. 😉

Now (and for sure it would have to be someone else not me) not being able to resist digging deeper as well, I had a closer look at things. And I have to confess that not only the visible parts of the MBP are well designed. Looking behind and voting it, it is a "puter" … not more and not less, but the quality and manufactoring standard is high and … as a friend of me said once …. it’s a sexy feeling to own and work with one! 😉