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Archive for June, 2008

Awww, what a day!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Being on my own today, it was not much of a decision me going on tour enjoying this splendid summer day today out of the house.

The only decision to make was about whether to use the new pushy or my good old Suzi instead. But by knowing about why god has invented the real bikes once, it was not really something I got grey hair about.

Early around lunchtime I left home and straightly heading into the direction of a few of my favorite bike routes around. Being alone and driving that bit quicker it needs to make your blood flowing faster through your body, my mood was raising immense and all the stress and load from the last few days were falling away! 😉

For freeing my head from all, there is really nothing better than driving my bike. And therefore feeling in best mood, I stopped somewhere close to the road for some drink and refreshment. Entering a cafe I saw a some young folks there and two elder ladies sitting together about coffee and cake. Spontaneous I decided for a table next to them as for the only shady spot around and place my order with the waiter.

Funny one of the older ladies getting aware of me, immediately started to complain about bikers, their crazy driving and their loud and smelling motorbikes. Feeling a bit amused about, I started listening to her monologue and half my ice done and sipping my coffee I couldn’t resist anymore …

Sorry Ma’am! I said …. Excuse me for following your conversation! But for puttings things back again into a better light, I might quote for myself and lots of other innocent bikers, that I’m a commited organ donator …. and perhaps some day you or your family might be happy about me driving a motorbike … I hardly could prevent laughing aloud when she blushed and immediately turned quiet.

I’m aware that I’m a rather bad person! But I still smiled a few minutes later leaving the cafe and feeling her grumpy view following me, nearly being able killing some weaker person than me …. ‘THAT’ my friend really made my day today!! 🙂

Easy Going?

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Today I have the feeling to walk through an overall easy day. After a few days of hectic and stress things seems to ease and calm all today.

A customer "from hell" who dragged me now for years is nearly finally handed over to someone else and all the phone calls we actually have about his migration are very relaxed and easy. They are filled up with terms like great, glad you can help, thanks god you remember … We even started again joking with each other while talking …. And in just a few weeks it will be done and past.
Not sure I really will feel sad then though. 😉

As an update for those who aren’t aware. Germany has won the soccer game against Turkey and will now fight for the European Soccer Championship versus Spain on Sunday. I followed both semi- final games and have to confess that the Spanish Guys did a more as excellent job beating down the Russian Team 3:0 yesterday.

I’m sure it will need them all all to give for our boy on sunday and I’m very much pressing thumbs for them to win.

But looking back I’m aware it was another news, highly await by me, reaching me yesterday by sms and finally making me seeing this week as easy, special, happy and overall positive at all.

Ok then! Guess it’s now time for me to think about an early weekend, starting to prepare myself cheering for our boy on sunday evening, for them going for the CUP and bringing it home!! 🙂

I’m a dinosaur!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Waaaahhhhhhhh…… I’m a real dinosaur!!

Can you imagine my face this morning when I recognised that I’m listening to the album Greatest Hits of "Sweet" on my iPod for days now? Ummmm! You don’t know Sweet? …. 😐 …. gulp

Then perhaps you might start a search for some songs like: Blockbuster, The Ballroom Blitz, Teenage Rampage or Action! And I’m sure you  later on will find about it as worth you made some effort looking for it. For you the songs might be a bit covered with dust though! They are out of a time songs were still made honestly and with heart and not only looking at the charts. Songs which are free of that all technical tweaking stuff we used to "enjoy" today.

So I was really listening to it for 4 days without to recognise! I vaguely remember that I had  switched my iPod into repeat mode on Monday while listening to Ballroom Blitz. It was on my way home and feeling stressed about a lot of things going on actually keeping my brain busy all the time.

And as for you seems not to know about "Sweet" …. I MUST be a dinosaur for sure 😐

Germany versus Turkey

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I guess everyone here in Germany is holding his or her breath today awaiting to this very special football match Germany versus Turkey to start this evening. It will be special in many ways and although we Germans are sure about it will end, many of us are nervous and I just can hope that it will stay calm and pleasant everywhere.

I’m not really much into football myself, but I will for sure follow the game as for it will be an appreciated distraction from a lot of stress I have actually. It’s so much going on actually that I really can cope with a break clearing mind for a few hours.

There is a bigger and critical move of a whole application landscape I’m actually working on. Some customer in the USA permanently coming over with issues and questions and on top some contact in Asia I have shouted for a helping hand yesterday. And that are just the work issues I’m actually deal with ….. 

Coming to the end, I wish everyone interested an exciting, but fair match this evening …. and a very close friend of mine all luck on earth for a very special day working out tomorrow!!!!


30km on a pushy

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I think that I here recently talked about me buying a push bike. Now being a sworn in real biker, I have to confess that I’m not really trained to use some. My only memory  about using one last, goes back to a really lovely day trip, I did together with friends while staying with them as part of a vacation trip in 2005.

Ok, every beginning is hard, so was mine. Getting the body warm and out of hibernation and finally getting familiar with the near gear, finding my own rhythm again during the first 10km was a need. While the next 20km weren’t a big deal anymore. Then we had to return because of upcoming rain …. What a pity! 😉

Sure, and I’m honest at this point! Although increasing fuel prices lower the fun using the real bike, the sonorous sound of my with  98PS powered Suzi is more like my taste. But from time to time … doing it yourself … seems not really bad to me anymore. 😉