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Archive for May, 2008

Some help out there?

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Yeah, I know that I wrote about I will turn quite for a while … but but …. now I really fear I recently did run brain flat and this here might be the last chance to get help! BIG GULP

Not even I recently bought this fruit to work with … IMAGINE … I start to like it. Unpacking it was a great pleasure. Starting it up and seeing it was configured in seconds was nearly devilish making me immediately more interested. Since then it goes quicker and quicker and I really fear there is no end anymore.

But But … Today I even bought a new pushy! 😐

You know those curious things on two wheels running without the most essential part ………………………………..  help! 

no time for posting

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Sorry Guys! Actually and the next few days I’m certainly will be short with time for posting. No new news about me anymore. Sorry! But Yeah! Absolutely and really. It’s sad i know, but I fear you have to live with it! (at least for a few days) ….

Today I did it! I hunted one down, I picked the fruit, I converted over or switched the party if you like …. AND NOW …. it’s Happy Hour!

Can something be more exiting than discovering something really new? THATS TOPS!  It does , believe me 🙂


Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Hi Folks, Today I’m coming up with a feedback about some wonderful little friend I have. Guess a few of you will remember that I earlier this year have wrote about Sophie? Sophie the little daughter of one of my oldest (longest) internet pals needing a critical heart surgery?

Sophie ... healthy and happy again :-)Now a few month later it is all past and Sophie has recovered and overcome all treatments very well. Even there were some really critical days to go through directly after the surgery she is now a happy and healty little princess again. The happy little lady she was always meant to be and I’m very much looking forward to catch up with her, and her parents later this year.

I have another friend looking forward to a hopefully "life changing" surgery soon …. I really pray that also this surgery will went as well and happy for her and soon she soon will also remeber all as just a blurred memory at all!!

ps: I have stolen the pic here out of the profile of my friend 😐  …………… Am I a thief now?  A criminal subject?!! (Doesn’t she look gorgeous? – Guess in that case the intention behind the doing does justify the "criminal act"?! What do you think?)

Captcha again again …

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Unfortunately I was to busy yesterday to write about. But I received a very interesting and controversial feedback about my captcha posting from sunday.

As for the original author decided not to post it here, sending it via email instead, I will now also not publish it. And therefore you just have to believe me that it was a very opposite to my opinion.

But anyway! I like feedback in general (does it show me I’m not writing things here just for me!) and by saying that, I’m aware about I’m might be wrong myself. What I write about here, is my momentary actual view on things and I’m always open to pick up different thoughts and views on things I have written about, Then being willing to consider about feedback I get and if necessary to rethink about my own opinion I wrote about again.

I looked at things with the view of an site owner. The feedback I got was taking the position of a site visitor …. for sure both positions have to be considered about carefully. In this specific situation the arguments were chosen very well and able to convince me. And I guess that in the combination of both view the final truth will be located somewhere.

So …. many thanks for writing me!! But next you can do in public …. I do not bite nor ever will mind or take a well founded opposite opinion to mine as an offence. 😉 

Captcha again

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

We all know that captcha solutions are useful stuff at all. Lately I already wrote about that for my feelings I made too late effort to integrate them into my webpages reducing spam to a new and very appreciated minimum.

But now actually sitting about the relaunch of some of my own pages working with some newer version of the underlaying CMS, I was really shocked about seeing there is still no integral captcha solution within the core module. But the more I was impressed about it needed me hours to find out about how to integrate available 3rd  party solutions instead (Mainly because of their poor documentation).

Sure! Now I can say I did it myself and feel happy about I run something others can’t. But considering about my first rough start with this new CMS version and me now right coming out of my corner again feeling more happy about working with it and the results I made recently with it, this seems to be a real weakness of it again.

Things which are usefully and more or less state of the art today …. should be just there!! Shouldn’t they?! 😐