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Archive for March, 2008

When someone has to learn ….

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Yesterday we had the most beautiful spring day you can image. Sunny all the day with lovely 22°C as the days maximum and really no cloud on the sky.
From principle something you just can enjoy and appreciate?! ….  Sure and I did, strolling into town and going for ice and stuf! Did I already mention that I’m ice addicted? 😐

The problem was just that I wasn’t free in my head by thinking about how some technical problem I had to solve and another, for my feelings overall messed up situation in which I deal with an account manager who is just closing his eyes not willing to see reality!

I told him once, I explained him a second time …. I even tried it a third time, but he hardly refuses to do his job! Now he will learn, I swear ……….


Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Already this morning – ok, it was already nearly around lunchtime, but it sounds better when I call it morning – when I left the house and opened the garage I had the feeling that Suzi would blink to me with her headlight. Suzi is me real secret love … a Suzuki GSX 750F and in the meantime more or less an old lady than a young chick.
But in all the years I own her now, I felt never tempted to look for another bike.

My intention was to fit in the starter battery again which I had removed and put on permanent charge during winter and then to try to start up the engine again. So I move her out of the garage and did put the fuel tank ventil in “PRI” position, but decided to mow the lawn first.

It always needs a bit of time until the carburetor has flooded again with fuel after it has run dry during the long winter break and the engine not used.
Thirty minutes later I came back, fitted in the battery again and for security reason first, I decided to use the running car engine to give Suzi a better jump start into the new season today.

Right like as ordered the sun came out and immediately when I was pressing the engine start button the first time, Suzi started up the engine and purred softly like an awaking cat feeling happy while you stroke it.

That my friend …. thats really tops! :-))

An interesting day

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Today my day is filled up with lots of interesting and pleasant things so far. An really appreciated change after to a serious of more or less dragging weeks dealing with all kind of trouble recently.

It started already this morning with me getting an interesting request from oversea, continued with the good news that some difficult job I more or less only supervised and monitored (but being responsible for) completed successfully, went on with an urgent incoming problem – later on turned out into basically some actual product changes without really forcing trouble, into so far finally a phone call I got from some Oracle Consultant friendly pointing me to a new Oracle BI Publisher Community Site.

It must now be a little bit about a year when a developer contacted me about this product, which I later on installed for him. Surprisingly this installation turned out into some real success story! Mostly for the reason that my decision about using a Apache Tomcat environment instead of joining into the mainstream of installations using the standard OC4J cartridge turned out as the right one. Today we have nearly two hands full of different and for sure successful, nice and neat separated projects (different project admins with different rights concepts) running on a single box never making any trouble at all.

But back to that community pages …. sure I’m a man, but it would have to be someone different than me, not directly recognizing the BIP girl link on that community pages!

Now I know all the 8 secrets about a 29 years old American Lady living at Albany, NY …. and thanks god I was able to resist directly posting back at her blog! 😉

ps: now feeling curious about how this day will go on ….. more exciting things to come?

I can feel it ;-)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

For sure it is  a bit odd thinking about with that new snow we had recently …. thanks god not that much here around, but in various places overall Germany and Europe …. but I can feel it within every bone for sure!! The right time has nearly approached.

April 1st, and the motorbike season starts again for me! Yeaaaaaaaaah!         Can you hear that?! Loud enough?  🙂

Ok there is this usual and annoying game about to get the engine running first after the long winter break (a typical Suzuki annoyance), the new rear tyre to get on and the really annoying obligate technical inspection to pass first! But, but then the road is finally mine again!  Yippieeeeeeeeeeee  …..

When things would be easy ….

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

…. everyone could do!!

It started very harmless with me strolling into town on saturday. And how could it be different than with me ending up within a bigger electronic store looking for new things (better said toys) there.

I ended up in from of a bigger stack of  externel USB2.0 disks offered for an extreme good price. Seeing then and having my lovely little NSLU2 server in mind I bought one to have a second backup disk for it.

At that point it might be worth to mention that it curiously started with me I having the idea to go for some always running and accessible NAS backup device for my home lan. Playing with a few different devices, I finally found out about the NSLU2 as the absolute best buy in my eyes and since then device has quickly emerged to the central file and web server (even accessible from outside) within my lan …. Just without backup!! 😐

But now!! And with the deep intention to create the urgent needed backup immediately …. Can you imagine my face when I discovered that my loved little server refuses to reboot after I had connected the 2nd drive to it???

Thanks god the answer was not far away …. a bug within the flash! Devices get randomly assigned their drive assigments e.q. /dev/sda and /dev/sdb in the order of their ready signal is indicated after boot …. How stupid!!

And the answer it?!! “Filesystem Labels” and/or “UUID”  …..  And now I have to update the flash image myself! 😉

Troubleshooting Debian on the NSLU2
How to mount disks by label
How to change the kernel command line used by Debian / NSLU2
How to build a new Debian/NSLU2 image

ps: Thanks god for all these little toys!!