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Archive for February, 2008


Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I’m aware that not everyone is such a technique freak like me …. just by coincidence two day ago I found a very interesting and tempting information on the net.

We all know about this very famous iPod MP3 player from Apple?! At this pages here at ROCKbox is a replacement firmware offered for it!

I loaded it into an aged iPod Nano and it works like a charm. It is not a real replacement – Instead you get some dual boot option, now being able to run the old original firmware again, or … which is certainly more likely and the primary option, the new Linux based one. And the new features within are just great – believe me!!

Now, and that is really tempting, I also own an actual iPod classic too (just 4 month old and under full warranty) …. What to do?


Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Asking?! Asking for a tip, an advise or finally a helping hand in general is nothing bad. There is always a “better” one knowing more than you, or someone who can do more easily like you.

I generally like people being able to ask – and therefore showing a personal weakness (other perhaps someone would say a “leak” of knowledge) – and, as friends of me are certainly are able to confirm, like helping as long I’m able to do …. At the end no one is perfect and has eaten skills with spoons all day …

Right recently I had a good example about, how two professional can talk and exchange themself about techniques and personal experiences, within a win/win situation and with a few close friends I do since years in a pleasant and winning atmosphere for each …. It is a respectful giving and taking right in the direction the “need appears”.

But I also in general recognise that the number of people lurking around and generally just taking is growing more and more. Lately there was really a fellow on an internet list asking about how to wrap lines in a webpage ….

Tell me!! When I can spend effort reading or learning about techniques or searching for an information on the net … Why can’t others do similar?

When the 3rd result line of a basic query on Google returns the answer to a question of someone for me …. Why not for them?!

Really, this is something turning me grumpy, seeing people rather not making any effort in general!

Thanks god there are also different natures and I really appreciate working with them and if necessary even spending time offlist with them trying to figure out about some problem together … Tomorrow I could be the one needing an answer! 😉

Remote System Management

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Last year I started to play a bit with a really interesting little device from Cisco called NSLU2. It is a so called NAS storage device offering server functionality for disks attached via USB within a LAN.

It is a really inexpensive way to serve disk space within your local LAN at home. And as for the device has become famous for tweaking and modding world wide, with a special replacement firmware (Debian slug) and a bit of knowledge you can even modify and run it as full featured Ftpserver and Webserver (supporting a LAMP environment) accessible from the internet.

Being fascinated by this little device myself, I shared all the info about with a friend living at OZ and it ended with me buying a 2nd device and shipping it over (it is cheaper to buy here than there) and doing a full remote setup over the internet this weekend.

That is what I call a successful remote System Management! Thats Tops!! 😉

The new Joomla Version 1.5

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Recently I got in contact with a friendly Canadian talking and sitting about the also recently published new Joomla Version 1.5. Even I’m in general a big fan of this free CMS system, I have to say that I’m more or less disappointed about that new “as stable” offered Version 1.5 available for general download.

The Installation completed like a charm. Easily installed and started the new Admin Interface offers a very nice, clean, well arranged and likely look … but thats it at the end. The Migration Assistant did nearly immediately show me the white flag, telling me about some serious trouble occured. And even after porting the content my own, the new version surprised with several severe issues.

The new legacy mode is far away from doing it’s job and the frontend login problems finally made me stopping all experiments to port an old Version 1.1 site into this new version. As it looks for me, those guys have to do an extra loop for quality insurance issues, even the new published interims Version 1.5.1 wasn’t able to fix.

Hi Guys! I’m still with you and appreciate and like your work …. It is just that I will now wait a bit before I start again with Joomla Version 1.5.

feeling tired

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Oh boy, I’m feeling so tired and exhausted this evening after a long and dragging day sitting in an endless meeting….

Having a personal background in many IT fields like system, network and database administration, as also application programming and developing at certain levels and therefore based on personal experiences being able to act as some IT Allrounder, can be a big benefit in some situations…. But also be a serious and real handicap some times, as I was painful able to recognize today.

Sitting together with a few CEOs and other technicians, as a designed project leader it seems to be very important to recognize the moment when it is better to keep your mouth shut 😐

Even by recognizing other are about to do a mistake! At least when you do not have in mind to overtake their work!!

I finally got aware about when all others turned quiet and started looking into my direction…. and now I have to do the job other technicians were planned to do plus also my own project leader work as well 🙁