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Friday, November 27th, 2009

I’m aware about I haven’t posted here for a while …. feeling guilty of course. But it was mainly caused by preparing for a longer trip and a few weeks being away. Now this trip has already taken place and I’m right on my way back, sitting at Changi Airport, Singapore actually.

At the end that is why I call todays posting "waiting"! Waiting, is plainly what I do actually.

But friendly people over here at Singapore have turned nearly all the town and the Airport in some huge Wifi – Zone where you have internet access nearly everywhere (ok, it needs a carrier contract though).

But back to the trip. It was for sure a fabulous trip to do and I very much enjoyed my time off. Most of the time I had company by oversea friends travelling with us. And to be honest that was what I’ve enjoyed most.

It is a great thing to do such a long and exciting trip. Seeing things other people might never get to see in their life. But the companie of friends and sharing this experience with them is some real priceless experience for sure.

It is really not like I could see or speak them all day long. Virtual perhaps, but personally nearly never. Now seeing, touching and interacting with them day by day was like a dream for me. Sadly even the most beautiful time in life is meant to end some day.

Nontheless, thanks to all my friends making it possible to travel with me. You taking time was a priceless pleasure and gift of life for me.

Thank you!

Michael 🙂

Qantas and no end ….

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

From principle I like to travel with Qantas and I did quit a few times already. So earlier this year I called them asking for some connections and later on did book them then finally. So far so good ….

The day after booking there were some questions and at first they insisted on placing my wife and me into two different aircrafts, but after talking with them again all was solved soon and I got the obvious email confirmations send by them.

Now this was in early february … 

Since then they called me at least up to ten times re-scheduling flights and time lines again and again. One time they told me that now daylight saving was adjusted in their systems and therefore the departure time would change one hour. 😐

Since when do we have this confessed "senseless" daylight saving time change?!

Anyway, they are friendly, helpfully and do care …. Just I wonder why the hell it is that difficult to arrange some flights – especially when i give them so much time in advance.  And what I really do not understand is why they call me and make me confirming and repeating the info that a flight departure time has changed 5 minutes. Hey, I could and would read it within their emails of course, no need to treat me like a 5 years old.

Guess it is just to ensure I can’t sue them in case I would miss the flight though. 😐

Another long weekend

Monday, May 4th, 2009

With May 1st, a public holiday here in Germany, falling on a Friday this year, we had another long weekend again.

Using time off best possible, we drove away catching up with a few couples at Bavaria close to a town called Bamberg.
Bamberg itselt is a lovely town directly situated at the River Main, with a picturesque "Old Town" and a lovely surrounding around.

 The folks we were going to see are all friends we did meet first, once back in 1993 during a trip at Greece we did all start as strangers to each other. Since that time we are committed friends and year by year we make effort coming together and seeing us again.

It is a strange and fascinating thing and for sure a strong relationship between all making it possible, all coming together on an ongoing base again and again.

Catching together this year,  even had a pleasant more reason on top, as for Astrid one of our friends living there had given birth to Kilian their 2nd son only 4 weeks ago.

Guess you are able to imagine, that catching up first, more or less were a wild "hallo". Over and over we had heaps of things to share and about a few things we did there together, spending time with each other was the aim. And you can be sure that we had a rather good time there together.

Curious topic besides…. little Kilian the one or other time feeling and being grupmpy with things and life in general and having the tendency to cry as the appropriate way to share this news with us … always relaxed and smoothed again when I started to hold him. Quickly recognised by his mum I soon started to become her "preferred method" of choice to become little Kilian quiet again. 😐

Not I would have mind that in general, but not being used to it in general, I could not say I would mind no longer being in charge anymore. 😉



Waking up Suzi

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

People knowing me are aware about at this time of the year I get nervous. Not for any bad reason of course. Instead it is more the fever of being able to ride my bike again soon.

Ok, since last year I do own two bikes now, but everyone will certainly understand that I’m actually speaking about the real bike for sure. Apr, 1st and the seaon does open for me and as for weather forcast isn’t bad for next week, it was of course a real "must" for me going out and awake Suzi.

Having slept now for 5 month it is always a bit of work getting her alive again. But once again in days I recognized how good it is to know people or things and their little peculiarities.

So knowing abou Suzi does like a slow and smooth start for sure, I went out and did take her out of the garage for fitting in the battery first. The battery was charged all time by a perment battery loader and therefore it was nothing I had to worry about.

Fitting the battery in was done in minutes and being aware about it is a good thingy, I did put the tank valve in "pre" position then strolling for the car and the wires to give Suzi a jump start though.

Even charged the little bike battery did the one or other time not last until Suzi had decided to start the engine again after the winter break and so it got more or less a well known procedure connecting her with the car for the very first start of the engine again.

Having all connected, I decided to wait another half hour or so to give the carburettors (Is this the correct word? I’ve looked it up) a chance to get flooded with fuel. Then finally coming back from a relaxed cup of coffee it needed me 3 or 4 tries and the engine did run.            (comment: Guess neighbors were also happy about!)

And in about two days – given the weather is fine – Suzi and me will be out for the very first ride of this year! Thats tops!


Slowing down?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

It appears like posting here has slowed down a bit?! And yes, I have to confess that my interests got trapped lately by different stuff. It is not that I would neglect this site here intentionally, but given a chance to decide I will also grab for the most fancy stuff for sure.

So I have spend a few days thinking about my next vacation trip, planning places to vist and the schedules between them into a most pleasant itinerary and finally checked flights and airfees to get there. Right now I’m very happy with all and nearly can’t await these few month until then will pass by.

The trip itself does include a very special catch up, I’m looking forward to happens since ages. During the past for a very strange little and sad moment it had looked like such a catch up would never be possible again! And so you might be able to imagine how happy I’m now about having the sureness it will now certainly take place in a not too far future from now. Yeah, that rocks!!

But there was also enough other stuff I had to work through and being on schedule to visit an intensive SAP Training over the next two weeks does not really make it easier to get all things done in time. 😐

And finally I picked up bad news about Erika, the wife of a guy I know and value, got bad news about her breast cancer turned worse again (after radiation and chemo therapy) and it needs a final and radical treatment to give her another chance (guess you get it?). She is nearly four years younger than me. How sad is that?!

But besides that I’m fine and promise that I will again make more effort again thinking about things to share here with you. 🙂