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The moment of truth

Monday, January 19th, 2009

The moment of truth is close! Earth and all mankind will be …… LOL

No, I have to pity you! I neither know more than you, nor I’m a religious fanatic praying the end of the world here.

Lately I wrote here about my poor fishes out in the pond sticking helpless in the frozen pond since over two weeks now. But recently over the weekend we got some relief from the frost and temperatures have increase again and therefore there is now hope again.

Unfortunately higher temperatures during winter do not necessarily means better conditions at the end and in a fact it has has become even more wet and ugly outside instead. The days maximums are now above zero and snow and ice are melting away again.

Checking things out in the backyard I guess it will need another one or two days and the ice will be finally melted away, for me then finally being able to check life out there in the pond again. 😐

Hopefully there will be no need to thank you god for fishes have no voice! And I will find my fishes in good conditions or at least living again. Right now I can just hold my breath and press thumbs for them though.

But finally coming back to my joke at the beginning of this post ….. Another evil and a real pain in the butt is about to leave as well and will finally retire tomorrow. Leaving the job and handing it over to a real ray of hope for millions of people including me. I really can’t say that would  feel sad about. In a difference to that I’m looking forward to it since month (… years) and will for sure immediately, after the news has spread out, open a good bottle of wine to celebrate this event appropriate. 🙂


How is the situation?

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Recently I was asked by a friend about our situation here in Germany…..

Is your economy really going down that much actually? We hear a lot of bad things about here … she said!

Now honestly …. I was surprised! Sure, our news here are full with bad news about banks and car industry are doing worse actually. But being asked about by some oversea friend was surprisingly new for me though.

It is a fact that global world economy is doing worse and we Germans are part of it. As a major export nation the actual dollar weakness is indeed a problem for us and our industry. Banks having money issues is at least for my generation a totally new experience. And finally an old, big and set company like Adam Opel being concerned about the big Mother General Motors behind the pond could be the issue for a possible final disaster is for sure special in itself.

Now with a lot of people complaining about self ruling forces of the markets have failed, now looking for governments to overtake a more dominant positions ruling managers and companies, I couldn’t say I’m really feeling happy about!

But being asked and even after thinking about, I would say we are concerned …. Doing worse is different!
Nevertheless, we all are connected within one big economically network and I deeply hope situation will improve soon for all again.

A change to the better

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

For my feeling the world had a good and great day yesterday! A real change to the better!!

I guess like all people in world, yesterday I was looking constantly to North America and waiting until the final result was announced. I have to confess that rarely an election has ever got my interest that much before … not even one here.

Once for sure, there was never a president splitting up people that much than the actual one before and I have no real trouble in commiting that I’m counting down the days until he will finally leave the chair.

Speaking about splitting up people, I really do hope that the new Mr. President will be able to bring back people together again.
Once a famous man said: " I have a dream!!"

And so do I … I have the dream that from now on people, regardless their nationality, their color, their opinion and believing will come together again working hand in hand on some improvement and general move forward for the better of ALL again.

I’m aware you don’t know me Mr. Obama. But congrats!! God bless you Mr. President!!



Thursday, October 16th, 2008

So yesterday the final TV duel between the two election candidates did took place. For me it is still strange that the outgoing of an election in a country a few thousand miles away has such an impact on whole the world. But at least for me there was a clear winner yesterday at the end.

Although I was impressed to hear about this new advisor of one of the candidates. Mr. Joe the Plumber must be a real experienced guy and I wonder why he does join in that late into discussion and how they both would work together later on ….

Perhaps they would use the "Hey Joe principle"???      Hey Joe! Can you come over shortly? There is a new crisis going on we would need your advise on.

At the end  this could even work out better than once when the actual man in charge was sitting in some classroom somewhere in Florida.

Pardon, Sir! Our country is under attack! An Attack?????! Yes Sir, it’s a real tragedy ……

Ummm, Ummmm …. What to do? …. Hmpf! I might better stay perhaps? I know the speech already and the audience is lovely!

Yes, Claire! Your Barbie is lovely. Wished I would have an own one too. 🙂

Oct, 3rd

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I aware about I’m a day late with writing about October 3rd. But with me feeling a bit under the weather yesterday (perhaps a beginning cold) I did not really much during the day and ended up in bed early.

October 3,rd – the Anniversary of our Reunion with the eastern parts of Germany, the former DDR.

Today 18 years later things have widely balanced and leveled a lot and both parts have grown together in many ways. Besides some structural differences living here or there does not really make much of a difference anymore.

The year the official celebration was at Hamburg and it was the first time the politicians confessed about mistakes they have made during the past. Hah! Not that normal people wouldn’t have been aware about that already be themselves.
Since today we have to pay some additional tax month by month and for sure there are things left necessary to be done.

Curious, the government founded Bank KFW originally thought  for taking care about all that money, recently gave a 300 million Euro credit to some American Bank, one day before they were oficially bankrupt.  …. Money we certainly will never see again!  Isn’t that a drastic sign for them just dealing with too much money? Someone should really have a closer look on them …. Requerying things!

But for the normal folks like you and me, October, 3rd today it is more or less just a very welcome public holiday and this year with it falling on a friday a pretty nice extended weekend for all to enjoy.

For me the real scaring point about is, that the reunion now happend 18 years ago …

So once again for me it is lived history! While for a lot of grown up folks today it is just some story mentioned in history books they were forced to read at school. While I certainly will never in my life forget about the border check I had to pass through once back in 1987 when I was visiting east Berlin – the most worse check  I’ve ever had in life – they will never have a real idea about how it really was …. some not too far away days back in history.