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Aug '09


Yesterday on a hot and lovely summer day I was "flying" low and fast with Suzi. After a small repair and a general maintenance she was running fine and smooth again and driving her was fun pure.

Since a while I was anyway looking for some nice spot to stop for a break and cool drink, but unfortunaltely after 2 hours out in the heat I must have been more exhausted and tired than assumed and therefore distacted, recognising the read lights on the car in front of me was done late … too late.

And seeing the car slowing done was quit giving me the sureness I am too close, but thanks god seeing something and reacting for me is one thing and therefore I had closed down breakes fully and immediately already. None the less there was the fact about I was already too close …. 

As ususally in such situations the rear tire of Suzi did block and start to slide … she is old and never has heard about things like ABS … and therefore I  had to open breakes again. But this tiny bit of sliding had given me a little spin to the left which I now increase as much as possible, but finally I had to upright her taking care about the incoming traffic on the left lane already close. And from then on there was nothing more than slowing down Suzi as much as possible.

The move to the left, happily had prevented a total impact, but not finnally touching the car in front with my mirror and stuff. :-/

Luckily I ended up staying on both feet holding Suzi with both hands leaning to the right, just  a few cm about ground. It must be the lost weight of Kerstin … at some stage poor her had decided to jump off the bike (with harming  herself) … the panic and therefore the adrenaline which gave me the power to upright Suzi again. Not really an easy thing to do with her round about 240kg though.

At the end sitting again on upright Suzi  I really needed a few seconds until I recognised and saw a guy (the other driver) speaking quickly and hecktically to me. Thanks god there was really nothing than a brocken backlight and a scratch … Suzi had nothing – at least nothing you would mind to see on a 17 years old motorbike … and we even got invited to a cool drink while exchanging driver details by the other party. And later on we even were able to continue and finish our trip until late and while driving I had a short (one sided) and sweet chat with my guardian angel saying thanks for a well done and great job.


4 Responses to “Luck!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Glad you are ok Michael. Is Kerstin ok? What a scary experience but could have been so much more unpleasant.

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Mate, indeed it was. But luckly we both are fine and dealing with a very friendly couple out of the car was very pleasant.

  3. jkiel Says:

    You need to come and drive for us in LeMons! Glad everything ended up more-or-less ok!

  4. Michael Says:

    Hi Judy, see this sounds tempting … When? Where? Nontheless it wasn’t an “every day” thingy and I’m happy it worked out that way though.