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Aug '09


Lately I’ve recognised that I haven’t posted here for over an month. Now you could call that silence … Wikipedia is defining it as: "Silence is the relative or total lack of audible sound" … but I think this wouldn’t be fair.

And honestly, I wasn’t just in the mood to say (better write) much here. To be confessed, for quit a few days I felt grumpy with myself and the rest of to world (no one in particular), but this passed quick and the other time I was just busy with stuff and didn’t even recognise another day had passed without blog post.

For example I found it fancy and fun to update my private network at home and people knowing me might get or assume that this is more about than just an afternoon reconfiguring a router or so. But speaking about routers I might use the chance here point out that I’ve decided to use get some Apple Airport Extreme routers as the backbone equipment of my home lan, now having Gigabit Ethernet and a 802.11n WDS Wifi network, interacting with my older Linksys WRT54G routers, and feeling very happy with all.

A few others things came along as well for sure, like there were a short and sweet business trip to Copenhagen, which ended with me very pleased and feeling happy about the positive feedback I got later on about. Another highlight this month was a weeding, I was invited to join as a guest. And finally and more unpleasant, my dad in laws was brought into hospital with and unknown but serious indication.

Thanks god he got better soon and the treatment there did help him very much!

So as you can see …. I indeed was quiet lately …. I might be again, as I simply actually do not have much to say. Just this does not really mean my life is quiet though. At least you know now I’m fine. And perhaps … tomorrow, or the day after there will be something else worth to write about though.

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