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Dec '08

My Top 10 iPhone Apps

As ususaly when I like something, I ask myself now about "Why didn’t I went earlier for one?!" 😐

Anyway! Since a few days I own one of this shiny iPhones and after a few minutes playing with it, it has become one of my favorites toys ever.

Sure at first was just another new phone and needed a few minutes really getting familiar with it first. But everything seems so easy with it that looking into it’s manual really seems to be wasted time to me. Setting up email (even my own domains) was done easily and with a smile I remembered my first tries setting it up on a Siemens Mobile a few years back.

An now after a few days and finally figuring out about it’s installable apps it is not longer just a another new phone … No instead it is an always ready and running little helper for nearly everything I can imagine.

After asking a friend about hers’  and installing a few apps I had already heard about, I strolled Apple Store looking for more and here now is my very own Top 10 list of iPhone Apps:

  • Air Sharing – Setting up your iPhone as WLAN  drive
  • AroundMe – Information about things around you
  • Evernote – Capture information and sycronize it over your devices
  • fring – Multiprotocol Chat client including (VoIP)
  • ifFound – Stores contact information as wallpaper
  • iHandy – Free Level
  • MotionX GPS lite – GPS system
  • NetNewsWire – RSS Reader
  • TouchTerm – mobile ssh-client
  • TwitterFon – Twitter Client

I find it hard to stay with 10 here as announce. It looks like I’ve installed millions and find it hard not being able to speak about online access to public transportation info about busses and trains in realtion to your actual position, online translation helpers, unit converter, Hotspot finder, Internet Radio, Google Earth and Ebay interfaces and and and ….

But here we are, and i’m sure about you will find your own Apps yourself! (Did I already mention the customized Admin Panel for iPhone offered by my hosting provider?) 😉

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